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Dana Milbank of the Washington Post has declared February a “Palin-free month”, in which he will not mention Palin in print, online, or on television for the entire month of February.  He has asked others to join him.  I say why stop at February?  So I have decided this will be the last time I mention Sarah Palin in this blog until she actually does something relevant (like actually run for a political office, save a baby from a burning building, become part of a viral YouTube video warning people to hide your kids and hide your wife from the rapist, ANYTHING besides just spewing nonsense on Facebook, Twitter, and Fox News).

Sure, Sarah Palin is easy to make fun of.  But the world doesn’t need me to make the same jokes thousands of other bloggers are going to make (because hey, everyone can make the easy jokes).  And she feeds off such publicity.  At this point, basically Sarah Palin is a famous for being famous type of personality.  She’s Paris Hilton.  The media loves to cover her, but she only matters because the media loves to cover her.  When poll after poll shows that even Republicans don’t think she is qualified to be President (and everyone else is outright scared by that prospect), exactly how is she suppose to win?  I’m pretty sure she just wants people to think she might run because that’s what is best for Sarah Palin’s pocketbook.

Sarah Palin is so 2008.  It’s time that I get with the times and move on.  There are way too many other things to write about, truly great things.  I don’t need to write about some bumpkin from Wasilla, Alaska. (But if Sarah Palin does announce that she is running for President, all bets are off! 🙂 )



This article is still better than a hot beef sundae! Wait, a what?

It’s the time of year again (known simply at work as “year-end”, which sort of sounds ominous, doesn’t it?) where we are expected to put in long hours to get the financial exhibits done before a deadline that seems to get pushed up every year.  The positive is that it is something we know has to happen, there is no doubt that we are going to have to put in long hours in January and a bit into February.  That’s a lot easier to deal with than unexpected long hours.  But even so, it does become more difficult to keep up with the world events and gather possible blogging topics.  So instead of a full-blown blog article about some single topic, I thought I would just post some short thoughts on various items.

  • Robert Bentley was sworn in as Alabama governor this past Monday.  I think he may have broken some sort of record for an elected official, because he didn’t even make it past that first day without controversy.  After being sworn in, Bentley spoke at a function being held at a Baptist church honoring Martin Luther King and stated, “”Anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I’m telling you, you’re not my brother and you’re not my sister, and I want to be your brother.”  Oops!  Non-Christians were all ‘whatcha talkin’ bout, Willis?’  (Bentley had wisely scrapped his “This is Alabama.  We are Christians.  If you want to live here, accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior” campaign commercial before the election. 🙂 )  I think we will give him a mulligan for that one.  I mean, if you can’t get a free pass on day one, when can you get a free pass?!
  • Keith Olbermann either quit or was fired from MSNBC.  Well that’s one obnoxious blowhard off the television set (and still way too many to go!).  Isn’t there some sort of rule that Bill O’Reilly also has to go off the air to maintain balance in the universe?  If there’s not, there should be!
  • Is it even possible to laugh not out loud?
  • The Palin Hymn Of The Republic?

“When she gets to Washington, it will be cold as hell.”?  Are they sure about that?  Because my weather experts are saying that it is going to be quite cold in hell that day!

  • My running has been sidelined again by yet another foot injury.  Feels like the same tendonitis I had last year, just the other foot this time.  I am pretty sure the trigger is the credit card transactions for the big February race here in Birmingham, the Mercedes.  Both years, I sign up to do a race that weekend and within days, after having no problems whatsoever prior to that, my foot starts hurting.  I’m telling you, the race is cursed!  Last year I just gutted it out and did the race anyway.  Then I had to pretty much take the spring off, because really, who wants to run in March and April when you can run in the blistering cold of January?  No way I’m doing that this year!  Fortunately Mercedes allows you to defer your registration until next year.  Hopefully that doesn’t mean I will have the Mercedes Jinx for a whole year!  Now my running partner and I just need to find a kick-ass half marathon to run in the nice, warm spring! (Running in January is insane anyway!)
  • Whoever lives above me at the apartment complex has no concept that his/her floor is my ceiling.  And that we all share walls.  I can’t really comprehend what he/she/they/a small army/whoever/whatever do up there that bangs against things so often.  Do they go room-to-room jumping up and down with blindfolds on?  It’s annoying, but I guess it’s part of the apartment living experience.

I think this is actually feasible.

Um, that’s all I got.  Bears/Packers today, winner goes to the Super Bowl.  Something so right about that!


After the unfortunate events in Arizona in which a mass shooting occurred at a political event, there has been much discussion of the current political climate and what role it may have played.  I don’t want to get into that really, as I think it is very difficult to attempt to rationalize the behavior of the irrational.  I also don’t think we can create an environment in which the irrational will act rationally no matter how hard we try.  The more I hear about this guy, the more I think his (and I will be charitable in what I call this) viewpoints don’t really fit on the traditional political viewpoint scale anyway.  I tend to think he was marching to the beat of his own drum and no one else’s.

I do find it ironic that much of the discussion revolving around the political environment is in the very vein of the type of discussion that causes the vitriolic political environment in the first place, at least IMHO.  The finger-pointing, the name calling, the making mountains out of molehills, it’s all there.  Same old stuff.  Both sides participating.  But the reason that the constant finger-pointing/name calling/characterizations/etc. are bad is not because it will get people shot.  They are bad because you can’t truly discuss the issues and thus you can’t solve anything.  I mean, would you want to discuss anything with somebody compared you to Hitler?  Further, such discussions are tiresome and cause people to want to tune the whole process out.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  Take a look at what Martin Luther King did in the 1960’s.  Watch the “I Have A Dream” speech.  It’s only 17 minutes, you have time.  Just take a second away from watching the girl falling into the fountain while texting. (I admit, that’s hilarious, but it will still be funny when you watch later, I promise!)

Did you watch?  Good.  Note that Dr. King spoke passionately, but there was no fear mongering.  No ‘nation is going to hell in a hand basket’.  Dr. King delivered a positive message of what America can, should, and will be.  That is what inspires people to change.  That is how you change people’s mind.  That is what I wish we would see more of today.

I just thought this is something we should think about with the MLK holiday being celebrated tomorrow.  (Just as an aside, I was listening to the NPR story regarding this speech yesterday, and the story reminded me about how MLK went off-script staring with his first utterance of “I have a dream”.  Makes you wonder what all would have changed had Dr. King simply delivered his prepared speech that day.  I think it is safe to say that this speech would not have been considered the landmark speech it is today.  But what else would have changed?)


So I hear about a debate between Bill O’Reilly and some atheist the other day.  I was going to post the video, but it is a mind-numbingly stupid conversation all around.  So anyway, the part that got a lot of people’s attention was O’Reilly’s assertion that since the tide goes in and then goes out and that no one (in his mind) could explain it, that was proof that God exists.  Um, no Bill, things that you do not understand is not proof of God’s existence (though if it were, the proof of God’s existence would be overwhelming!).  Bill seems to have gone to the Kirk Cameron school of religious logic.

But hearing about this did remind me of something that I’ve always wondered.  Why is religion a threat to science and why is science a threat to religion in some people’s minds?  Why can’t there be evolution AND a God?  Why can’t there be a Big Bang AND something bigger than ourselves?  OK, just because I can’t explain something does not prove the existence of God.  But I would also argue that just because I can explain something does not prove the lack of existence of God.  It is called faith for a reason, I don’t see a need for either side to try to apply the scientific method to it for definitive proof one way or the other.

If anyone has a theory about why some scientists and some religious folks feel the need to be at odds with each other, I would love to hear it.  And while we are on the subject of trying to find answers for things I don’t understand, can anyone explain to me why the heck Two And A Half Men is America’s number one comedy?  I mean, it can’t be because people actually enjoy this show, can it?  Could it be that by just random chance, Two And A Half Men just happens to be on the tube in Nielsen households as they are attending to other things like washing dishes, doing laundry, watching paint dry……?  Because really, I’m leaning toward believing that this is undeniable proof of the existence of Satan!


Ah, Congress is back at work for the country.  What important issue will they tackle first?  Addressing unemployment?  Reducing the national debt?  Reviewing the war efforts in Afghanistan?  So much to do, where to even start?  Let’s see:

Constitution Read For The First Time

They read the Constitution.  Out loud.  Doesn’t reciting stuff seem a little, I don’t know, so Jr. High?  Of course, it wasn’t even that straightforward.  They first had to argue over what sections would be read, what sections would be left out, and even what exactly makes up the Constitution.  Then the parties had to take turns cheering which amendments they actually like (reportedly one Congressman even added a fist pump for the 2nd amendment, yay guns!).  And we had the heckler (class clown?) in the gallery (oh boy, a birther!).  All of that kind of adds to the whole Jr. High vibe.

You know, the lack of maturity shown by people (many of whom have been grown-ups for a very, very long time!) in Congress is one of the things that bother me about our government.  See another grand example of that in a few weeks when the State of the Union speech is made as each party will take turns making asses out of themselves through selective standing ovations, scowls, and other gestures.


WordPress generated this automatic post based on some stats from the website.  I figured I would go ahead and post it since it makes for an easy post and I’m ultimately very lazy!  Here are some of my thoughts:

  • The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads “wow”!  See, that means my blog is more awesomer than any other blog (a fact that I credit to my ability to just make up new words).  Huh?  What do you mean that it reads “wow” for all the blogs?  Next thing you are going to tell me is that it’s not even a real meter!   Uh, what?
  • So I got around 10,000 views during the year.  Wonder how many of those were from image searches and referral spam?  (Hint: a lot!)
  • Lot of people like them some Office Space and Wile E. Coyote.
  • So I know how many 747’s my views would take up.  But how many 747’s would my posts take up?  Images?  C’mon WordPress, I have a lot of 747 questions that you are not answering!  You expect me to do the math?  Remember the ultimately very lazy part?
  • Well I see by the “Related Articles” that are popping up that there are many, many other bloggers even lazier than me.  At least I added content to my “2010 in review” post, not just posted it as is.  See readers, I spent a whole 15 minutes of my time to create this scintillating material.  The winner is you!

All joking aside, I appreciate anyone who has ever taken their time to visit this sorry excuse for a blog for ANY reason!  I never imagined that a blog I created would even get 100 views, much less 10,000.  I can only hope that 2011 will bring better, more interesting posts.

And to get us off to a rip-roaring start toward that goal, here’s the WordPress auto-generated post (lol!):

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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