Ah, Congress is back at work for the country.  What important issue will they tackle first?  Addressing unemployment?  Reducing the national debt?  Reviewing the war efforts in Afghanistan?  So much to do, where to even start?  Let’s see:

Constitution Read For The First Time

They read the Constitution.  Out loud.  Doesn’t reciting stuff seem a little, I don’t know, so Jr. High?  Of course, it wasn’t even that straightforward.  They first had to argue over what sections would be read, what sections would be left out, and even what exactly makes up the Constitution.  Then the parties had to take turns cheering which amendments they actually like (reportedly one Congressman even added a fist pump for the 2nd amendment, yay guns!).  And we had the heckler (class clown?) in the gallery (oh boy, a birther!).  All of that kind of adds to the whole Jr. High vibe.

You know, the lack of maturity shown by people (many of whom have been grown-ups for a very, very long time!) in Congress is one of the things that bother me about our government.  See another grand example of that in a few weeks when the State of the Union speech is made as each party will take turns making asses out of themselves through selective standing ovations, scowls, and other gestures.



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