Science Versus Religion – Why Does There Have To Be A Versus?

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Miscellaneous
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So I hear about a debate between Bill O’Reilly and some atheist the other day.  I was going to post the video, but it is a mind-numbingly stupid conversation all around.  So anyway, the part that got a lot of people’s attention was O’Reilly’s assertion that since the tide goes in and then goes out and that no one (in his mind) could explain it, that was proof that God exists.  Um, no Bill, things that you do not understand is not proof of God’s existence (though if it were, the proof of God’s existence would be overwhelming!).  Bill seems to have gone to the Kirk Cameron school of religious logic.

But hearing about this did remind me of something that I’ve always wondered.  Why is religion a threat to science and why is science a threat to religion in some people’s minds?  Why can’t there be evolution AND a God?  Why can’t there be a Big Bang AND something bigger than ourselves?  OK, just because I can’t explain something does not prove the existence of God.  But I would also argue that just because I can explain something does not prove the lack of existence of God.  It is called faith for a reason, I don’t see a need for either side to try to apply the scientific method to it for definitive proof one way or the other.

If anyone has a theory about why some scientists and some religious folks feel the need to be at odds with each other, I would love to hear it.  And while we are on the subject of trying to find answers for things I don’t understand, can anyone explain to me why the heck Two And A Half Men is America’s number one comedy?  I mean, it can’t be because people actually enjoy this show, can it?  Could it be that by just random chance, Two And A Half Men just happens to be on the tube in Nielsen households as they are attending to other things like washing dishes, doing laundry, watching paint dry……?  Because really, I’m leaning toward believing that this is undeniable proof of the existence of Satan!


  1. Jeremiah says:

    Atheism FTW

  2. Flapinux says:

    Scientists aren’t going to Churches telling them they’re wrong. It’s the religious attacking academia & infecting our legal system with bigotry that stems from the fundamentals of their doctrine (or their interpretation of them).

    The reason it’s a Vs. at all, is that the religious are denialists toward scientific progress because the more science answers, the more religion is found to be incorrect & they feel threatened. You see this all the time when the religious take everyone to court trying to get them to teach their version of creationism vs evolution or denying climate change or when they pray to heal their kids instead of getting them proper medical care, many times resulting in death.

    Should the religious have a say in what’s taught in science class? Should Christians be able to apply the pressure of indoctrination upon all students spinning them to be unpatriotic if they don’t pledge to one nation under their god, regardless of which god(s) the students worship (or none)? Should the religious be allowed to oppress consenting adults in marriages their religious doctrine/dogma doesn’t approve? We have evidence, given the past examples of them leveraging their beliefs in ways that were racist & misogynistic. Is this nation supposed to bow down to primitive superstitions or to treat people fairly, as equals?

    I don’t care what people believe if they aren’t trying to give it legal authority. And if they try to give it legal authority, science is the only tool we have that reliably has anything to say on these matters.

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