This article is still better than a hot beef sundae! Wait, a what?

It’s the time of year again (known simply at work as “year-end”, which sort of sounds ominous, doesn’t it?) where we are expected to put in long hours to get the financial exhibits done before a deadline that seems to get pushed up every year.  The positive is that it is something we know has to happen, there is no doubt that we are going to have to put in long hours in January and a bit into February.  That’s a lot easier to deal with than unexpected long hours.  But even so, it does become more difficult to keep up with the world events and gather possible blogging topics.  So instead of a full-blown blog article about some single topic, I thought I would just post some short thoughts on various items.

  • Robert Bentley was sworn in as Alabama governor this past Monday.  I think he may have broken some sort of record for an elected official, because he didn’t even make it past that first day without controversy.  After being sworn in, Bentley spoke at a function being held at a Baptist church honoring Martin Luther King and stated, “”Anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I’m telling you, you’re not my brother and you’re not my sister, and I want to be your brother.”  Oops!  Non-Christians were all ‘whatcha talkin’ bout, Willis?’  (Bentley had wisely scrapped his “This is Alabama.  We are Christians.  If you want to live here, accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior” campaign commercial before the election. 🙂 )  I think we will give him a mulligan for that one.  I mean, if you can’t get a free pass on day one, when can you get a free pass?!
  • Keith Olbermann either quit or was fired from MSNBC.  Well that’s one obnoxious blowhard off the television set (and still way too many to go!).  Isn’t there some sort of rule that Bill O’Reilly also has to go off the air to maintain balance in the universe?  If there’s not, there should be!
  • Is it even possible to laugh not out loud?
  • The Palin Hymn Of The Republic?

“When she gets to Washington, it will be cold as hell.”?  Are they sure about that?  Because my weather experts are saying that it is going to be quite cold in hell that day!

  • My running has been sidelined again by yet another foot injury.  Feels like the same tendonitis I had last year, just the other foot this time.  I am pretty sure the trigger is the credit card transactions for the big February race here in Birmingham, the Mercedes.  Both years, I sign up to do a race that weekend and within days, after having no problems whatsoever prior to that, my foot starts hurting.  I’m telling you, the race is cursed!  Last year I just gutted it out and did the race anyway.  Then I had to pretty much take the spring off, because really, who wants to run in March and April when you can run in the blistering cold of January?  No way I’m doing that this year!  Fortunately Mercedes allows you to defer your registration until next year.  Hopefully that doesn’t mean I will have the Mercedes Jinx for a whole year!  Now my running partner and I just need to find a kick-ass half marathon to run in the nice, warm spring! (Running in January is insane anyway!)
  • Whoever lives above me at the apartment complex has no concept that his/her floor is my ceiling.  And that we all share walls.  I can’t really comprehend what he/she/they/a small army/whoever/whatever do up there that bangs against things so often.  Do they go room-to-room jumping up and down with blindfolds on?  It’s annoying, but I guess it’s part of the apartment living experience.

I think this is actually feasible.

Um, that’s all I got.  Bears/Packers today, winner goes to the Super Bowl.  Something so right about that!



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