World’s (Not So) Funniest Blog To Become Sarah Palin Free Indefinitely!

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Politics
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Dana Milbank of the Washington Post has declared February a “Palin-free month”, in which he will not mention Palin in print, online, or on television for the entire month of February.  He has asked others to join him.  I say why stop at February?  So I have decided this will be the last time I mention Sarah Palin in this blog until she actually does something relevant (like actually run for a political office, save a baby from a burning building, become part of a viral YouTube video warning people to hide your kids and hide your wife from the rapist, ANYTHING besides just spewing nonsense on Facebook, Twitter, and Fox News).

Sure, Sarah Palin is easy to make fun of.  But the world doesn’t need me to make the same jokes thousands of other bloggers are going to make (because hey, everyone can make the easy jokes).  And she feeds off such publicity.  At this point, basically Sarah Palin is a famous for being famous type of personality.  She’s Paris Hilton.  The media loves to cover her, but she only matters because the media loves to cover her.  When poll after poll shows that even Republicans don’t think she is qualified to be President (and everyone else is outright scared by that prospect), exactly how is she suppose to win?  I’m pretty sure she just wants people to think she might run because that’s what is best for Sarah Palin’s pocketbook.

Sarah Palin is so 2008.  It’s time that I get with the times and move on.  There are way too many other things to write about, truly great things.  I don’t need to write about some bumpkin from Wasilla, Alaska. (But if Sarah Palin does announce that she is running for President, all bets are off! 🙂 )



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