1. If you think being disruptive in a classroom setting warrants police intervention and ultimately charges filed and a fine. A high school senior in Texas faces $637 in fines.  Her crime?  She blurted out a curse word in the classroom.  Now I’m not saying that cursing in class should be acceptable.  But couldn’t we just start with just a warning?  Or maybe detention hall?  Seems a bit trivial for the criminal justice system, doesn’t it?
  2. If you take your politics so seriously that you think it’s okay to make light of sexual assault. Or was it professional jealousy?  Liberal journalist and now former NYU professor Nir Rosen decided to comment on fellow journalist Lara Logan’s assault in Egypt on the Twitter.  His posts show he is obviously upset….at all the attention she is going to get?  That she is going to be “martyr”?   Then he started cracking the jokes, because sexual assault is hilarious!  As he put it, you have “to find humor in the small things.”  Um, one “small thing” Nir….sexual assault is not funny.  At all.  And disagreeing with your world viewpoint is not a punishable offense.  It’s not an offense at all as a matter of fact.    OK, so maybe Nir might also be a bit of a male chauvinist.  So what is female conservative commentator Debbie Schlussel’s excuse?  Debbie, you may think it would be cool to be just like Ann Coulter.  But it’s not.
  3. If you place more importance on political posturing than doing your job. Looks like Republicans are all set to force a government shutdown under the guise of promoting fiscal responsibility.  That said, had Democrats not punted on passing a budget last year, we wouldn’t have this situation of needing to pass continuing resolutions just to keep funding going.  Of course, all this talk of being fiscally responsible is just utter B.S.  Realistically, you can’t balance the budget by only considering cuts in 12% of the budget, leaving the other 88% completely untouched.  Realistically you also can’t balance the budget without raising revenue.  Not passing a budget at all is a complete legislative failure on all sides.  And while some may think that a government shutdown would be a pretty great thing, such action has actual real world consequences.
  4. If you think that in 2011, a woman’s place is in the home. Apparently that is the case in Frederick County, Maryland.  Two county commissioners, in defending cuts to the county’s Head Start program, proclaim that their wives needed to stay home with their kids to educate them.  That’s what they described as “ideal”.  I’m guessing that their kids were named Wally and Theodore “Beaver”. Of course, regardless of whether or not we have moved beyond the Cleaver family ideal, let’s think about this in practical terms.  Head Start is designed specifically for low-income families.  Are these families in any position for either parent not to work?  What about single moms?  They are supposed to stay home and also make ends meet how?  Why is it during budget crunches, it seems like it is the poor that has to make the sacrifices?
  5. If you think that a football rivalry is so important that you need to poison a whole park. That’s what University of Alabama fan (just a wild guess, since his kids are reportedly actually named “Bear” and “Crimson” ) Harvey Almorn Updyke decided to do, when he decided to take a little Spike 80DF (and by a little, I mean a lot) to kill two historical 130 year-old oak trees in a place known as Toomer’s Corner which is of traditional importance to Auburn University.  See, in his mind, a prankster placing a Cam Newton jersey on a Bear Bryant statue was so egregious, he had no choice but to take the trees out.  Of course, since this was some old pathetic beer drinking country bumpkin, he had no clue what he was doing and used up to 65 times the amount required just to kill these two trees, placing the whole park at risk.  Apparently the water supply is safe, but not because this guy knew any better.  Somehow police were able to capture this criminal mastermind mostly because he called a popular local radio show to tell everyone what he did under the name “Al from Dadeville”.  Turns out, he actually lives in Dadeville, so police were able to crack the code pretty quickly.  You are not exactly the Zodiac, are you buddy?


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