Don't worry. I'm not talking about a sequel to a really bad overhyped turd of a movie from the nineties.

Crazy things happening in the Midwest, where newly elected Republicans are flexing their political muscles big-time in an effort to consolidate their own power and weaken traditional Democratic leaning groups.  First, in Wisconsin, you had Governor Scott Walker and his party suddenly figure out that passing something should be a whole lot easier with the Democrats out of town!  So finally they took a gander at the rule book and decided there was a way to pass stuff without a quorum after all.  Just like that, bye-bye collective bargaining rights for teachers and other public workers (except for cops and firefighters, because they are real ‘Muricans).  Well thank goodness the teachers and their runaway $50,000 salaries and big benefits that were causing us to go broke were stopped!  We all know that the only people who deserve big salaries and bonuses are big bankers!  Wonder where those folks got their educations?  Meh, probably doesn’t matter.

But not to be outdone, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder wants to have the power to unilaterally eliminate cities and towns.  That’s right, he decides your town can’t do your town’s business right, he just eliminates your town.  That’s if he decides to retain that power.  He also reserves the right to hand that power off to a corporation, because corporations are so smart, always do the right thing, and never ever get into financial problems that require some sort of huge bailout.  Of course, he (or his chosen corporation) could just choose to fire your locally elected official (hmm, I swore locally elected officials worked for the local people and not the state governor, but what do I know?).

Sounds like something exaggerated or just outright false from a forwarded e-mail, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, it’s not.  It’s true, so so depressingly true. And this is not one of those pieces of legislation that you sometimes see proposed at the state level by some wingnut representative that makes headlines but has no prayer of actually passing.  A version of this bill has passed both state houses.  Snyder says he will sign it.  All that has to be done is some minor reconciliation work between the two versions and this will be law.

Snyder says that removing elected officials would be a “last resort”.  But my question is since when is the financial affairs of a local municipality the business of the state government?  Are these suppose to be the small, less intrusive government solutions?  How would Snyder and his Republican cohorts in Michigan feel if Obama enacted legislation that gave him the power to step in and take over financially troubled states (which there are many including Michigan), fire Snyder, and ultimately decide just to dissolve Michigan as a state?

I have that when voters in states like Wisconsin and Michigan decided to hand over the keys to the Republican party, if this was the trip they thought they were going to take?



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