Congress (Finally) Does Its Job and Other Happenings

Posted: April 10, 2011 in Current Events, Politics
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  • So Congress adverted a potential government shutdown with an eleventh hour agreement regarding this year’s budget.  All this bickering was because cutting 1.6% of the budget is either extreme and draconian or economically sound, while cutting 0.8% of the budget was either reasonably measured or a non-serious effort to make budget cuts.  Finally both sides agreed that 1.0% was just right.  Meanwhile the deficit will probably be the biggest ever regardless of which option was selected.
  • That said, it is important to the entities getting funded.  It is like if Bill Gates decided to give $500,000 to some local charity.  That amount of money doesn’t mean a whole lot to Bill Gates, but it would mean a lot to the charity.  So since we aren’t solving the deficit or debt anyway, the focus should be on cutting waste, not reaching some magic number in dollars that isn’t going to make a hill of beans difference anyway.  (Cutting waste does not mean cut funding from organizations that your party has a vendetta against, Mr. Boehner!).  The GAO recently submitted a study that identified hundreds of government programs which perform duplicative and/or overlapping services.  With the consolidation and elimination of duplicate programs, the government could save billions of dollars (likely a good bit more than the $38.5 billion proposed in the agreement) without reducing services provided.  Of course, what will likely happen is that this report will simply be used as an excuse to cut programs willy-nilly without putting the effort in to actually effectively consolidate and streamline government services.  Or the report will be ignored.  Or somehow both at the same time.
  • Well at least that’s over.  So what’s next?  Oh wait, that’s just the 2011 budget?  We still have to do this again for 2012?  Oh, and then there’s the debt ceiling thing we are going to have to deal with.  I’m sure that will go real smoothly.  No political posturing this time, no siree!
  • Time to give credit where credit is due.  A while back, a redneck “preacher” became a media sensation when he decided it would just be a dandy idea to threaten to burn a Qur’an.  I was of the opinion that what an idiot chooses to do with his time is not newsworthy and that the media was giving this guy exactly the attention he wanted but didn’t deserve.  Well recently this idiot “preacher” decided he wanted more attention and finally followed through on his threat.  The U.S. media ignored him this time.  But unfortunately, the international media did not.  And neither did the Afghan president and ultimately the Afghan people.  That just goes to show that poor judgment is not limited to just the U.S. press.  (Really folks, there are idiots everywhere.  You can’t get up in arms every time an idiot acts like….well, an idiot.  It will just lead to you doing something idiotic.  Or in this case, even worse.  The existence of idiots does not justify the harming of innocents, ever!)
  • Speaking of idiots, why is the media taking Donald Trump seriously in regards to a Presidential run?  If Paris Hilton or Snooki decided that they might want to run for President, would that be taken seriously?  It would be just as credible.  On second thought, don’t answer that question.  I’m afraid I wouldn’t like the answer!
  • Glenn Beck is out at Fox News.  Oh man!  Now how am I suppose to know where I can go to invest in gold and get the survival merchandise needed to be prepared for this nation’s inevitable collapse once the conspiracy that only Beck is smart enough to see through finally reaches its end goal?!!!!  We are doomed!!!!!


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