Mean Democrats Wanting To Take Money Away From The Poor (Oil Companies)

Posted: May 14, 2011 in Current Events, Politics
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See, he's broke.

I thought the Democrats were suppose to be the party that stands up for the working man and the downtrodden.  So where are they getting off trying to take money from the poor in the country?  And when I think poor, I think multi-billion dollar oil companies.  Really, who needs more help in this country than those guys?  A tycoon has got to eat, right?  How can you expect that to happen on the paltry $10.7 billion that Exxon earned in this quarter for example (the CEO only make over $20 million a year)?  I guess it’s going to be rice and beans for them.

The oil guys were at a hearing this week to make their case.  They say that they are being unfairly singled out.  I couldn’t agree more.  Other industries may perhaps argue that the fact that the oil industry gets these special tax breaks in the first place is unfairly singling out this one industry for special consideration.  It’s almost as if the oil industry is spending millions and millions of dollars to buy influence in Washington.  But that’s hogwash!  Remember, these guys are just barely managing to get their billion dollar ends to meet.

So let’s hope the Republicans defeat this (conventional wisdom is that they will).  We as a nation have enough going on without having to start a charitable drive to help out the would-be starving oil company CEO’s.  As a precaution, I usually throw in a few extra dollars when I buy gas so they can have it.  They sure do need it a lot more than I do!  Once this goes down in flames, we can focus on the issues that matter.  Like why rappers are being invited to the White House?!  Or whatever random stuff spews out of Donald Trump’s mouth this week!

(In all seriousness, I think we need to clean up a lot in our tax code.  No more big breaks to big industries with big lobbies.  Put everyone on the same equivalent tax footing.  The Republican’s stance of no tax hikes on anyone ever ever is just not going to work.  We can’t pay for the government that people want with the tax revenue we get now.  People only support the ‘do it all with spending cuts’ methodology because they think that cutting foreign aid and NPR from the budget will balance it.  All the polling in the world is not going to make that true.)



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