Fools, Jesters, Clowns…Oh, And Ronald McDonald

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Current Events, Miscellaneous, Politics
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Is Ronald McDonald Out of a Job?

I’ve got a theme here. 🙂

  • Donald Trump announced he wasn’t going to run for President even though the country so badly needs it and he was so going to win.  He just loves business too much (and by business, I can only assume he means being host of a crappy reality TV show).  That’s really too bad.  I was looking forward to him firing Congress members who didn’t agree to vote for his policies.
  • Mike Huckabee also announced he wasn’t going to run for President (even though he also was so going to win, but it was his heart you see.  It just wasn’t in it.  As it turns out, his heart really likes that Fox News salary.)  Huckabee is a tough guy to figure out.  You would see him on The Daily Show and while you may not agree with him, he seemed like a reasonable, nice guy.  But then you would hear some of the things he would say at other places, like talking about President Obama growing up in Kenya.  Oh, and being behind children educational videos like this:


  • So a guy named Jerome Corsi released a book this week.  The book’s title?  Where’s The Birth Certificate: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible for President.  Awesome timing!  (On the other hand, maybe it IS awesome timing, the book is currently #15 on the Amazon Top 100 list as I write this and rising.)   Meanwhile, Obama’s campaign team has started selling t-shirts and mugs with “Made In the USA” and a picture of Barack Obama’s birth certificate on it.  Clever fundraising tool.
  • So what are you guys planning on doing on the last day of the world’s existence?  Harold Camping says that day is Saturday.  (Actually it’s the beginning of the end.  Those of us who are not saved get to enjoy hell on earth for 5 months before God ends it all.)  Sure he has said this before.  But how likely is it that he will screw up twice?  So this is it, we need to decide what to do.  I say party because there ain’t no party like an end of the world party because an end of the world party don’t stop (until the world ends).  Interesting, even though the world is ending, Camping’s organization will still be more than happy to take your donation to add to the millions they already receive.  Maybe you actually CAN take money with you when you’re dead!
  • A group wanted McDonald’s to ditch Ronald McDonald because they feel it is wrong to promote unhealthy food to kids.  McDonald’s rejected that proposal (big shock I know!).  You know, I get what the group is saying.  I do.  But I really don’t think the occasional trip to McDonald’s is the primary cause of the weight problem with kids (they aren’t the solution either like they want to claim).  It’s what they and the rest of us eat all the rest of the time.  So maybe there should be a focus on the reason behind that.  How about focusing on the government food subsidies that make junk food cheaper than healthy food?  Just a thought.



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