Michele Bachmann – The Other Sarah Palin

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I didn’t watch the Republican debate this past week.  I mean, the Iowa caucus is not until February of next year and the Republican convention isn’t until August of next year.  Does the election season really need to be this long?  If it does, it doesn’t mean I have to pay attention to all of it.  So I skipped (I hate that I missed out on the answers to such questions as “Elvis or Johnny Cash?” and “Thin-crust or Deep dish?”.  Guess I will somehow have to make my decision without this oh so important information.)

But anyway, I did read about the debate.  And I’m picking up something from the media.  I believe sometimes the media tries to drive certain story narratives that they believe serve their own interests, that they are not always just innocent by-standers just reporting what is happening.  I keep hearing how well Michele Bachmann supposedly did in this debate.  Yes, I’m going to be totally unfair here and comment on a debate I haven’t seen.  But I have seen enough of Michele Bachmann to find it hard to believe she could possibly do well in a debate.  Spit out talking points, sure.  Win a debate?  Not so much.

I believe the media desperately wants Sarah Palin in the race.  If they can’t have her, they will create a substitute.  Michele Bachmann fits that role very well.  She says just as outrageous things (just today she suggested that President Obama secretly wants to bankrupt Medicare, because, you know, bankrupting Medicare is such winning political strategy).  She’s attractive (at least when she can avoid doing that creepy stare she sometimes does on TV).  And in some ways, she’s an upgrade over Palin.  For instance, she hasn’t quit her job as Congressperson.  Also, she embraces the media, if you invite her on a show, she’s going to show up whether it’s Fox News or MSNBC.

I think the media wants to set up Bachmann as the dark horse.  Too bad I think she would be every bit as bad for the country as Palin.  I actually think she may be smarter.  But she is just as ignorant and lacks that curiosity about the world that drives people to educate themselves.  Why should she do that?  She already has all the answers.  That’s fine if you want to be a TV pundit.  But not so good if you want to run the country.  Ignorance is no better than stupidity.

There’s a long way to the election, and media pretty much suffers from a serious case of ADHD.  So they may well lose interest in Bachmann.  But it is something that bears watching I think.


  1. Julia says:

    Let Bachman talk, those of us from Minnesota know sooner or later she will put her foot in her mouth (like Palin). The election season is waaaaay to long, but having to listen to Bachman may have me turning off all media for the next year.

  2. gesvol says:

    Actually Bachmann pretty much continuously puts her foot into her mouth.

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