Things That Tick Me Off

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Miscellaneous
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I’ve decided to rip off an idea from Birmingham News columnist John Archibald and right about the things that tick me off.  Then again, he just ripped off the idea from Washington Post columnist John Kelly.  So maybe at the end of the day none of us are really that original.  Anyway:

  • Grandstanding Politicians Sure, grandstanding politics has been a fact of life for as long as I can remember.  But is it me, or is it getting worse?  As in the grandstanding is getting in the way of things that matter.  Sure, we still have the pointless battles over things like light bulbs which will ultimately go nowhere.  But now we have games over such things as the debt ceiling, which if not passed will have real world consequences.  Hey, I love a game of chicken as much as the next guy.  But the way the game is being played here is that both parties are holding the same gun and they have it pointed toward the American people.  The leverage only comes from each party fearing that they will be accused of pulling the trigger.  The terrible thing is I’m not sure, if one party thought they could pin the blame on the other, that they wouldn’t go ahead and shoot.
  • Media Hype – Exaggeration – I can’t stand how the media will hype of stories as doom and gloom.  Oh no, it’s the snowpocalypse!  My goodness, downtown Memphis is going to completely flood (except by downtown, we really me just a small stretch of road right by the river.  Sure, smaller rural communities really are flooding, but as a reporter, would you rather me have to go to farms or go party on Beale Street?)  And this weekend, it’s Carmaggedon!!!!!!   It’s a little freaky that the media nowadays somehow come to an agreement of what to call these things.  Do they have a meeting and decide, ‘hey, how about we all call this weekends closing of an L.A. interstate “Carmaggedon”?’  To which somebody replys, ‘That’s gold, Jerry!  Gold!’  It’s funny enough when they exaggerate with play off words like Armageddon and apocalypse.  It is even funnier when NOTHING HAPPENS.  Speaking of which…..
  • Media Hype – Non-Stories – Sometimes the media take total non-stories and make them into stories.  Bird Flu.  Mad Cow Disease.  Obama’s birth certificate.  Sarah Palin.  Jon & Kate or whoever they are.  Y2K.  What about the Casey Anthony trial?  Why was I suppose to care so much again?  OMG, she was found not guilty!????  Clearly a travesty of justice, because the case was decided by the evidence and the jury of her peers, and not by Nancy Grace like our forefathers had intended!  Right?  Oh, while I’m thinking about it….
  • Nancy Grace
  • People who claim that there is nothing to do in (blank city) – Live in podunk USA as I have and then get back to me about having nothing to do.  If you live in a city of any size, there IS stuff to do.  Birmingham, which is not gigantic by any measure, has museums, parks, a minor-league pro baseball team, a theme/water park, a zoo, theaters, restaurants of any variety you can think of, etc.  They have great events like an independent movie festival, art festivals, concerts by the symphony orchestra, marathons, etc.   I think saying there is nothing to do just sounds better than saying that I’m too lazy to get off my ass and do something.
  • Traffic jams caused by rubberneckers – It’s bad enough that there’s a wreck.  But it really annoys me when traffic is tied up not so much because of the wreck itself but people slowing down and sometimes outright stopping just to gawk at it.  But nothing ticks me off more when it turns out the accident is on the OTHER side of a divided road, and it is 100% the fault of rubberneckers that your commute has taken a million years!
  • People that don’t know procedures when traffic lights go out – It’s real simple.  If the traffic light goes out, the intersection becomes a 4-way stop.  It doesn’t become a free-for-all clusterfrick.  Oh, well it does.  But it’s not suppose to, and the fact it does ticks me off!
  • Fast food cashiers that refuse to use math – You go to a fast food place, put in an order, and the cashier rings up some ridiculous total.  Oh, no problem, you think.  Because any idiot could see that the price is wrong.  But alas, you are not dealing with just any idiot.  You are dealing with a fast food cashier.  All that he/she knows is that he/she hit the right pictures on the machine.  And all the pleading about just doing the math will do you know good.  They don’t get paid to do math, they get paid to hit pictures.  Even reasoning doesn’t work.  Does $9 for an Egg McMuffin and juice sound like a meal DEAL to you?  Grrr!
  • People that don’t clean their dog’s crap in public places – OK, you don’t want to clean up your dog’s crap.  It stinks I know.  But imagine if EVERYONE took that attitude.  This enjoyable park/trail/whatever you take your dog to would no longer be enjoyable.  Make sense?  Oh right, you don’t think of anyone but yourself.  What really ticks me off is when the crap is right in the middle of  the sidewalk, path, trail, etc.  I mean, ok, you are too lazy to clean your dog’s crap.  But does it really take too much effort to drag your dog off the path so at least it does its business where other people aren’t walking/running/ skating/ etc.?  What’s that?  Oh yes, I did forget, you don’t think of anyone but yourself.  My bad.

So what things tick you off?



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