So Are We Really Going To Not Raise The Debt Ceiling?

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Current Events, Politics
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"Boehner needs this putt for all the tax cuts!" "He is going to try to put the ball into the hole, Cotton."

Man, wasn’t the golf game between President Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner suppose to settle this?  Maybe they should have just made it a winner-take-all match.  Even better, they could have had it broadcast on television.  That would be compelling “reality TV”, right?  Had it simulcast on C-Span 2 and ESPN (perfect for the Ocho!).  Irresponsible you say?  Is it really any more so than the game they are playing even as you read?

The Onion was spot-on with this article:

Congress Continues Debate Over Whether Or Not Nation Should Be Economically Ruined

WASHINGTON—Members of the U.S. Congress reported Wednesday they were continuing to carefully debate the issue of whether or not they should allow the country to descend into a roiling economic meltdown of historically dire proportions. “It is a question that, I think, is worthy of serious consideration: Should we take steps to avoid a crippling, decades-long depression that would lead to disastrous consequences on a worldwide scale? Or should we not do that?” asked House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), adding that arguments could be made for both sides, and that the debate over ensuring America’s financial solvency versus allowing the nation to default on its debt—which would torpedo stock markets, cause mortgage and interests rates to skyrocket, and decimate the value of the U.S. dollar—is “certainly a conversation worth having.” “Obviously, we don’t want to rush to consensus on whether it is or isn’t a good idea to save the American economy and all our respective livelihoods from certain peril until we’ve examined this thorny dilemma from every angle. And if we’re still discussing this matter on Aug. 2, well, then, so be it.” At press time, President Obama said he personally believed the country should not be economically ruined.

Brilliant.  I also liked what host Peter Sagal of NPR’s Wait, Wait….Don’t Tell Me said on today’s show.  He said it has been like being on board the Titanic, but with six months of warning. True.  And let me tell you, the American people are not a part of the “better half”.

I hate how this whole process is going down.  I think the debt ceiling raise should be a clean bill with no strings attached.  After all, the reason we need it is due to commitments already passed by the government.  I also think that even though getting the budget balanced and reducing debt are ultimately good things, I don’t think the best way to do that is through a Congressional rush job that is self-imposed.  Finding ways to more efficiently Medicare and Social Security, for instance, are good ideas.  But that deserves thorough thought and debate.  And that should happen before you put a price on the amount of cuts.  I fear a bill will get passed, and then afterwards everyone will try to figure out exactly what was it in.

Republicans are too focused on making Obama a one-term President, consequences be damned.  For my money, Obama places a little too much emphasis on trying to appear reasonable, although it is fair to say that he now can’t get something passed through the House without some Republican help.  Whatever happens, this has already been a failure, regardless of where the blame ultimately lies.

I do have a question.  Why during the five times the debt limit was increased during the Bush administration was it not a big deal?  You didn’t see Senate Democrats demand tax increases in exchange for voting for raising the debt ceiling in 2007, did you?  Or even before this, it seems like before now there was a kind of gentlemen’s agreement that the economy took precedence over political wrangling.  What has happened?



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