World’s (Not So) Funniest Blog Writes His Congresspersons

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Current Events, Politics
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I think the debt ceiling thing is important.  I encourage you all to write your representatives and tell them what you think.  I have.  Here is my “letter”:

I am writing you out of concern about the debt ceiling which if not raised will prohibit this nation from borrowing the money necessary to pay for its obligations.

I think it is important to remember these obligations exist due to the passage of legislation by both houses of Congress and signed into law by the President. The spending was approved, and we as a country now owe the money. We have a moral obligation to live up to our expectations as a nation.

Additionally, while there is debate about what exactly will happen to the economy if we don’t raise the debt ceiling, the consensus is that it won’t be positive. Considering the current shaky state of the economy, I do not believe we can afford to risk any negative impact. It should be remembered that a poorly performing economy makes it that much more difficult to reduce the debt.

I am also very disappointed that all sides have chosen to use the debt ceiling vote as leverage in negotiating spending cuts and/or tax increases. Most of the consequences that create this leverage will not be suffered by those in office negotiating, but rather the American people. Further, I believe that drastic spending cuts and/or tax increases deserve careful consideration and debate. These are things that should not be done in a rushed manner caused by an arbitrary deadline.

Please also consider raising the debt limit by a sufficient amount to meet this country’s needs beyond the 2012 election. It is my opinion that election politics has severely hampered this process so far, and that will only be much, much worse if this debate continues into 2012. There is no reason that spending, taxes, and even the debt ceiling itself cannot continue to be election issues even with the passage of a sufficient debt limit amount. But let’s please not let the uncertainty of our current situation continue for months, as I fear such doubts could cause some of the very same economic consequences as not passing anything at all.

Finally, I hear a lot of talk about what the American people want or don’t want, or elected “us to do”. The “American people” voted for you. But the “American people” also voted against you. And the “American people” also voted for your opposition. The “American people” do not have a singular monolithic vision for the country. I’m a part of the “American people”. You were elected to represent the best interest of all Alabamians, not just those that voted for you.

Thank you for your consideration.

In other words, the writer of this blog believes that this country should not be economically ruined. 🙂



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