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  • Rick Perry has a sure fired way to create jobs for America.  He’s going to steal them from California!
  • Or even better, Herman Cain and his 999 plan.   It’s catchy.  Like a cell phone plan.  I’m pretty sure the plan calls for 9 cents a minute plus $9 a month for 9 months.
  • Mitt Romney said in response to an education question that first the federal government should get out of education.  Then he said “and secondly”.  Hmm.  It’s good to know that when federal government gets out of education, they will still be able to influence education.  Because I would have thought if the first thing the federal government did was get out of education, there would be no ‘secondly’.
  • Did you know that Michele Bachmann has raised 5 biological kids and 23 foster kids?  Because I somehow missed that the other one hundred times she has said that.
  • Illegal immigrants only cross over from our southern border.
  • The soldiers who fight for this country deserve our utmost respect.  Unless they are homosexual.  In which case, they only deserve our scorn.  Because who cares if they put their lives on the line to serve this country?  I may sit on my ass in the comfort of my own home while other people volunteer to get shot at.  But at least I’m not gay!
  • The elimination of DADT has made the military into one big sex orgy.
  • “Obamacare” is going to kill cancer patients.  Because government bureaucrats are so much worse than insurance bureaucrats.
  • When asked how you are going to solve this nation’s problems, anyone worth their salt only needs 30 seconds to respond tops.
  • That Rick Perry even brought up the idea of mating Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain should automatically disqualify him!



Are one of these two the next President of the United States? Please no.

Not that I am a huge Mitt Romney fan.  I don’t really agree with his philosophy.  But at least I think he is rationale.  And that is what I want on the other side of the ballot from President Obama.  Because let’s face it, unless a miracle happens, the economy is going to be to still be at some level of suck by the time the election rolls around.  Even if Obama’s job plan passes (and it won’t), it’s not nearly significant enough to fully turn around this economic funk.  When the economy is bad, that usually does not bold well for the guy sitting in office.  Also, let’s face it, Obama simply has not been effective as a leader.  He’s going to be beatable.  That’s why I want the alternative to at least be sane.

Rick Perry?  The guy he practically brags about how many people have been killed during his time as Texas governor?  A guy who says he doesn’t think anyone knows how old Earth is?  A guy who wants to teach the “controversy” of evolution?  A guy who’s “success” in Texas is marked by low paying jobs, little benefits (25% of Texans do not have health care insurance), sub par education, and high poverty rates?  A guy that thinks prayer is a valid policy?   A guy who thinks that the BP oil spill was an “act of God” that couldn’t be prevented?  No thanks!

Michele Bachmann?  A person who believed that President Obama’s trip to India really cost $200 million a day?  A person who thinks that the “fact” (never mind the fact that she was wrong) a Democrat was president during the swine flu outbreak in the 1970’s and a Democrat was president during the most recent swine flu outbreak is “interesting”?  A person who believes that HPV vaccination can cause mental retardation, even though that’s physiologically impossible, because that’s what some woman told her?  Michele Bachmann is clearly a person who believes everything she has ever read in an e-mail forward.  That’s not the type of person that I want to be President.

It bothers me that Obama’s team seems to be hanging their hat on hoping that the Republicans nominate crazy.  For one, do you really want to gain your votes because people are voting AGAINST the other person, not because they are voting FOR you?  For another, what happens if crazy actually wins?  I don’t want crazy in the White House.  What is really best for this nation is to have as strong of candidates as is possible on both sides.  A real leader would welcome such a challenge, not hope that the other side screws up.


On the other hand, the state's Wal-Marts keep well-stocked with BCS football National Championship Trophies. So that's a positive.

So, as you may have heard, a while back Alabama passed the “toughest” anti-immigration law in the country.  I already didn’t care much for it.  I thought it forced certain roles on folks that shouldn’t have them (such as schools having to discover and report the immigration status of students and parents) and that it encouraged racism and racial profiling (because I still don’t know how you are supposed to ‘suspect’ someone of being an illegal immigrant) by police.  But then I discovered an aspect of the law that actually impacted me and many others directly.

I, like many others, being 2011 and all, choose to renew my car tags over the internet.  By renewing online, I don’t have to stand in line.  In turn, my not showing up at the courthouse helps ease the crowding there.  It’s a win-win.  It’s the kind of thing technology is for.  But with this new law, I would no longer be able to do that.  See, in order to have the honor of paying the tag fee, I would have to prove that I’m a citizen of the United States.  Really brilliant.  If somebody is willing to pay them money, why would they want to make that process more difficult?  And why as a citizen of the United States should I have to prove that I am a citizen of the United States?  It’s almost as if they are assuming that I am guilty of being an illegal immigrant until I prove otherwise.

So obviously this will put a burden on the county courthouses all across the state.  But in Jefferson County, we have an extra burden.  You see, the county is pretty much out of money.  As such, they have had to make drastic cutbacks on the services it provides.  One such service was the county’s satellite courthouses.  This county had six locations where you could go to take care of tags, licenses, etc.  But since we have no money, four of those offices had to be closed.  So this is a perfect time to force people to go to the already overcrowded courthouses.

Speaking of which, the county having no money is just more evidence that we are going in the wrong direction.  Because of our antiquated racist state constitution, counties cannot pass their own county taxes.  They have to go through the state legislature (and half the time even put an amendment into the constitution itself, which is why we have over 825 amendments).  But even when you manage to go through that process, the state still manages to screw it up.  So an occupational tax that our county relies on was ruled unconstitutional.

Now many who seem to think we shouldn’t have to pay taxes for anything rejoiced.  But the county is going to have to cut $100 million from the $312 million budget originally approved.  Now I’m not going to say that the budget was completely fat-free before.  But you can’t cut a third of your budget and not have that hurt.  So you want money for libraries?  Too bad, they bought books last year.  Money for jails?  Nope, just going to have to let criminals go if there is no room.  Oh you want a raise?  Ha!  No, take a pay cut instead and be happy you still have a job at all!  That should boost the economy!  Oh, and let’s close that hospital that provides health care for the poor, because really, who likes poor sick people anyway? (Nevermind the fact that more than  half of the hospital’s budget is funded by a tax specifically earmarked for indigent care and the rest provided by revenues generated to the extent that the hospital generally produces a surplus.)

Sigh.  At least a judge has blocked the immigration law for the time being, meaning I should be able to renew my tags online this month and be good to go for one more year.  Meanwhile the county is still struggling to find the cuts it has to make.  I suspect we are going to find out the true meaning behind the saying “you get what you pay for” very soon.