Hoping That Mitt Romney Wins Republican Nomination

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Politics
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Are one of these two the next President of the United States? Please no.

Not that I am a huge Mitt Romney fan.  I don’t really agree with his philosophy.  But at least I think he is rationale.  And that is what I want on the other side of the ballot from President Obama.  Because let’s face it, unless a miracle happens, the economy is going to be to still be at some level of suck by the time the election rolls around.  Even if Obama’s job plan passes (and it won’t), it’s not nearly significant enough to fully turn around this economic funk.  When the economy is bad, that usually does not bold well for the guy sitting in office.  Also, let’s face it, Obama simply has not been effective as a leader.  He’s going to be beatable.  That’s why I want the alternative to at least be sane.

Rick Perry?  The guy he practically brags about how many people have been killed during his time as Texas governor?  A guy who says he doesn’t think anyone knows how old Earth is?  A guy who wants to teach the “controversy” of evolution?  A guy who’s “success” in Texas is marked by low paying jobs, little benefits (25% of Texans do not have health care insurance), sub par education, and high poverty rates?  A guy that thinks prayer is a valid policy?   A guy who thinks that the BP oil spill was an “act of God” that couldn’t be prevented?  No thanks!

Michele Bachmann?  A person who believed that President Obama’s trip to India really cost $200 million a day?  A person who thinks that the “fact” (never mind the fact that she was wrong) a Democrat was president during the swine flu outbreak in the 1970’s and a Democrat was president during the most recent swine flu outbreak is “interesting”?  A person who believes that HPV vaccination can cause mental retardation, even though that’s physiologically impossible, because that’s what some woman told her?  Michele Bachmann is clearly a person who believes everything she has ever read in an e-mail forward.  That’s not the type of person that I want to be President.

It bothers me that Obama’s team seems to be hanging their hat on hoping that the Republicans nominate crazy.  For one, do you really want to gain your votes because people are voting AGAINST the other person, not because they are voting FOR you?  For another, what happens if crazy actually wins?  I don’t want crazy in the White House.  What is really best for this nation is to have as strong of candidates as is possible on both sides.  A real leader would welcome such a challenge, not hope that the other side screws up.


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  2. The other option is…there is a third party wing nut candidate from the right which then splits the GOP vote, giving it to Obama. Either way nobody has a magic wand to heal this economy, and every time we start to move forward we shoot ourselves in the foot with gridlock and then get downgraded … I still think we haven’t really felt the effects of that wound.
    SUCKS…yes that has a ring to it

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