Trick Or Treat

Posted: October 30, 2011 in Current Events, Miscellaneous, Politics
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Treat:  Obama making good on his promise to have our troops out of Iraq by the end of the year.
Trick:  It is only happening because Obama was unable to come to an agreement with the Iraqi’s to extend our stay beyond the original agreement with Bush.  Still, I wasn’t too upset.  Who cares how it happened, at least it happened.  Then I read this:  When Obama said the troops were coming home, he failed to mention “home” was Kuwait and other Middle Eastern nations.  Sigh.  We are never leaving.

Treat:  Gaddafi removed as dictator of Libya.
Trick:  Atrocities carried out by Gaddafi and his loyalists have been replaced by atrocities carried out by anti-Gaddafi militias.  Yay?

Treat:  Donald Trump rises in GOP polls.  Donald Trump says stupid stuff.  Donald Trump falls in the polls.  Michelle Bachmann rises in GOP polls.  Michelle Bachmann says stupid stuff.  Michelle Bachmann falls in the polls.  Rick Perry rises in GOP polls.  Rick Perry says stupid stuff.  Rick Perry falls in the polls.
Trick:  Herman Cain rises in GOP polls.  Herman Cain says stupid stuff.  Yet, so far, his poll numbers seem to be immune.

Treat:  Occupy “Wall Street” changes the path of public discourse by providing focus on the growing disparity of wealth in this nation as well as the undue influence corporations have over our political system.  If nothing else, they provide a nice counter-balance to the “Tea Party”.
Trick:  The occupiers are finding out what happens when you go up against “the man”.  Run-ins with the police.  Daily trashing on a national “news” network. When it is people you agree with, people demonstrating are great Americans exercising their first amendment free speech rights.  When it is people you disagree with, people demonstrating are loiterers, hippies, fringe, parasites, human debris, etc.

Treat:  This Cain ad:

Trick:  I can’t get that damn song out of my head!

Treat:  A television show based on the movie Zombieland and the actual writers of the movie are on board.
Trick:  It is being produced for Fox, where awesome goes to die (Firefly, Dollhouse, FreakyLinks, Andy Richter Controls The Universe, Futurama, …).

Treat:  I finally wrote a blog post.
Trick:  This is what I wrote.

Treat:  Happy Halloween!!!



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