What a wonderful time to be alive!  Everywhere I turn, I see new ideas that will either change the world or already have.  You know, the type of things that make you say “that’s f’n brilliant” and then bury your head into your hand.

This gesture is totally misunderstood! He's just shielding his eyes from the brilliance.

  • It was recently revealed that during the financial crisis, the Federal Reserve let the banks borrow $7.8 trillion (and $1.2 trillion in one day alone).  Yes, trillion.  With a “t”.  OK, so that’s a freakin’ lot of money (makes that $700 billion of TARP money that everyone likes to whine about seem pretty insignificant, doesn’t it?) .  Fortunately, they kept this information (with the Fed’s help) secret from Congress so they wouldn’t know how bad it really was.  Wouldn’t want the peons to regulate the brilliant banking executives who clearly know best.  Imagine how much money they would have needed if they didn’t know what they were doing?   They didn’t tell stockholders either.  Why should the peons that technically own the company know how the company is actually doing?It’s ok though.  At least they were just loans.  We will get that money back, plus interest.  Sweet, sweet interest.  Let’s just check that rate.   Wait?  It says the rate was below market value?  Um, how much?  As low as 0.01%?  Does that even count as an interest rate?  Geez.  So the banks took that money and then lent it out at market value, likely buying treasury bonds.  So the U.S. gave the money to the banks at basically no interest just so they could borrow it back with interest?  F’n brilliant.
  • The Republicans have finally chosen a moderator for one of their debates that will get to the real issues.  That man is Donald Trump.  Man, I hope the candidates have to compete in a “challenge” where they have to sell overpriced pizzas or something to donors before they all go to the “boardroom” where somebody will be “fired”.  Maybe the next debate can be on an island where the candidates can compete for “immunity”.  F’n brilliant.
  • Herman Cain dropped out of the race after it was revealed that he had a 13 year affair with another woman (or “friendship” as he calls it).  Thank goodness he also announced that he was going to be sticking around with a new website called “Cain Solutions”.  Because we need to have solutions to the issues of the day, such as the Chinese getting nuclear weapons 45 years ago or that Libyan war position, as soon as he remembers it.  F’n brilliant.
  • Republicans are fighting tooth and nail to keep this country from extending the payroll tax cut.  Clearly while tax cuts for the wealthy “job creators” don’t need to be “paid for”, tax cuts for the rest of us do.  Merry Christmas.  F’n brilliant.
  • I saw an ad for a new Carlos Mencia “comedy” special.  That guy is still around?  F’n brilliant.

I bet you are saying that this blog is f’n brilliant right now!




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