And Now For Something Completely Different……A Good Idea Coming From The Alabama Legislature

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Current Events, Politics
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No, not a Monty Python reference

The new legislative session in Alabama has gotten underway and while so far it has mostly consisted of legislators being shocked that, due to revenue shortfalls, the governor’s proposed budget without any new revenue increases (because Republicans have pledged no tax increases for anyone ever) contained deep cuts and shell game maneuvering in order to balance, an actual good idea has also emerged.  And that comes to a shock to me, because it is such a rarity that I hear anything coming out of a local government that makes me think ‘hey, that’s actually a pretty good idea’.  (Usually when I hear ideas coming out of this state, it’s not a matter of if I will vomit a little in my mouth, but how much.)

A group of Alabama lawmakers are proposing tying legislator compensation to the median household income of Alabama residents.  If median income goes up, lawmakers get a raise.  But if it goes down, lawmakers get a pay cut.  Tying compensation to the economic fortunes of Alabama citizens appears to be a nice positive incentive.  Further, since this would be a constitutional amendment, lawmakers could no longer vote themselves a pay raise.  This removes the conflict of interest that exists when one determines their own pay rate.

Perhaps this is an attempt at saving some face, after one Alabama legislator suggested that teachers should not get pay raises because God would not want them to, while in the same interview defending the legislature’s own pay raise.  You see, teaching is a “calling”.  If you raise pay, you might attract unsavory types who just aren’t meant to teach because God did not give ’em the talent.  So obviously the same logic would apply to lawmakers, right?  No, and you are so silly to think that.  No, when it comes to lawmakers, low pay would cause corruption. In this case, higher pay to prevent unsavory types from influencing policy is what is called for.  Wait, are you saying this doesn’t make sense to you?  Well I suggest you take out your Bible you heathen and get to reading, because it’s all in there!  (I’m sure it is, this guy wouldn’t be making Biblical pronouncements if he wasn’t a Biblical scholar, right?)

Anyway, I do hope that the Alabama lawmakers do pass this new pay scale method.  It would be nice to say that Alabama got something right, and has done something that other states should emulate for once.


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