Posted: March 3, 2012 in Current Events, Miscellaneous, Politics

  • Is it wrong for me to think that something might be broken in a system where I pay a higher effective tax rate than Mitt Romney?  I know Mitt is a “job creator” and all, but still, he made $21 million and I made much, much less than that.  Fine, there are those that say you shouldn’t punish “success”.  But what the heck did I do wrong?
  • If  we can reach a deal with North Korea to suspend its nuclear weapon program, why can’t the same be done with Iran?  Goodness knows the leadership isn’t any nuttier.
  • Why are lawmakers that are supposedly for getting government out of our lives suddenly so interested in the government determining what medical procedures women must get?
  • So are the four candidates that are left for the Republican nomination really the best the G.O.P. have to offer?  Is there some gentlemen’s agreement between the two parties to not seriously challenge either party’s incumbent President?  Because the Republicans are totally ‘John Kerry-ing’ this election!
  • Why in Alabama do state legislators make a higher average salary than teachers, given that legislators normally would only work 105 days a year?  Further, why are they guaranteed cost of living raises when every other state employee has to do without due to budget restraints?
  • Would we as society be better off if all the television and radio pundits would just go away?  Do they have any redeeming value whatsoever?  Or do they just serve to stupefy public discourse?
  • Why is it “leaves” and not “leafs”?
  • Why didn’t I watch Arrested Development when it was on television?  It’s awesome!



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