Mitt Romney’s Plan To Win Alabama – Annoy Us All Into Voting For Him!

Posted: March 10, 2012 in Current Events, Politics
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Good grief!  I guess it is good that Alabama “matters” this year for the  G.O.P. presidential nomination.  But I had no idea that was going to mean being inundated with robocalls from the Mitt Romney campaign.  It’s spam on my phone answering machine!

Though in a way, robocalls do seem like an appropriate tactic for Mitt Romney.

Does this tactic actually work?  Personally he has annoyed me so much that I wouldn’t vote for him if he paid me.  But I can only assume that he is using the same tried and true methods that he used in Michigan and Ohio to gain ground on and eventually beat Santorum in those states.  And if the polls are to be believed, and so far they have seem to have been fairly accurate in the other states, Romney has closed the gap in Alabama too where it is virtually a dead heat between him, Santorum, and Gingrich.  Keep in mind for all the talk about who wins what states, the primary splits delegates proportionately, so really as long as Mitt can keep it close, he wins, whether he literally gets the most votes or not.

So it must be effective.  I just don’t understand how a robocall about Santorum’s votes in Washington or Gingrich being ran out-of-town as Speaker of the House would make somebody change their vote.  As for me, I’ve just taken a look at the sample ballot and I think I’m going to take a pass on voting in the primary.  At one time I thought I might throw a vote Mitt’s way as the least crazy option, but the longer the campaign has gone, the less worthwhile that seems (plus Mitt is going to win anyway).  I certainly could not care less who the specific delegates are.  Then there are a whole lot of judicial races that I am in no way qualified to determine who would do the best job (I see Roy Moore is trying to get the job of Alabama Supreme Court chief justice back.  It’s a little tempting to go vote against him, but the reality is I don’t know if having the other two candidates win will ultimately change any decisions.  I’ve kind of learned my lesson about those sort of things.  I don’t think voting for Robert Bentley as governor to try to prevent the likes of Moore and “we speak English” Tim James from winning has significantly changed the direction of this state for the better.)

I’m all about participating in the political process.  But I also believe if you truly have no preference or simply do not have the knowledge to make an educated decision, you shouldn’t use your vote to cancel out the vote of somebody who does.  That probably doesn’t make me the best citizen in the world, but whatever.


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