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This President has:

  • Authorized a vast expansion of our CIA drone program to kill people, even if we don’t know who they are, despite the evidence that such aggression tends to strengthen terrorist organizations, not weaken them (not to mention the pesky moral ramifications of killing of innocent civilians that tend to go along with such drone strikes).
  • Authorized the assassination of U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki (pesky court system is too much trouble I guess).
  • Authorized military action against another sovereign nation without first asking for Congressional approval (pesky Constitution).  Continued military action even when the eventual Congressional approval vote failed.
  • Has prosecuted more whistleblowers under the Espionage Act than all other Presidents combined. (pesky pledge of transparency)
  • Signed into law a provision that allows United States to hold foreign nationals indefinitely. (pesky due process)
  • Continues to support the extension of the Patriot Act. (pesky past criticism of Patriot Act)
  • Using the death of a human being for political gain by leaking selected information, while at the same time refusing to disclose materials about the death so that the claims can be scrutinize under the premise that doing so would threaten national security. (pesky freedom of information)

Who is it?  No, I already said it wasn’t George W. Bush!   It’s Barack H.Obama.  Interesting that he is able to fly more under the radar than Bush even when he has  employed a pretty similar philosophy on national security, foreign activities, and disclosures and such.  The right-wingers aren’t going to go after him because they are pretty ok with all of this.  The left-wingers won’t go after him either, because as it turns out they are pretty ok with it too, just so long as it is one of their guys in charge of the decision-making.  (Looks like to me lefties just don’t want to use boots on the ground, but are pretty ok with killing people in other countries through any other means.)  Just my observation. (pesky bloggers)



Now that Santorum has dropped out of the race, we can finally look forward to November….TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH when the champion of the President Of The United States “The” Barack Obama defends his title against the number one contender to the crown Mitt “Boomerang” Romney!  This one should be a slobbernogger!  This one is WAY to big for pay-per-view ladies and gentlemen!  It will be on EVERY network!  That’s right, I said EVERY network!  The undercard features Joe “My Brain Doesn’t Know What My Mouth Is Saying” Biden versus a MYSTERY OPPONENT!  So make your plans for TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH, put the kids to bed and get the popcorn ready, because this fight is expected to go ALL….NIGHT…..LONG!   Here is the tale of the tape:

Challenger:  Mitt Romney

Governor Mitt Romney of MA

  • Height: 6 feet 2 inches
  • Weight:  170 lbs.
  • Age:  65
  • Politics: Righty (but as Governor showed he had some lefty tendencies)
  • Knows the right height of a tree when he sees it.
  • Probably doesn’t know your boss, or your boss’s boss, or your boss’s boss’s boss.  But may be best buddies with your boss’s boss’s boss’s boss, which makes you practically family!
  • Knows that if a dog likes sticking his head out a car window, that dog will just LOVE riding strapped to the roof of the car in a kennel!
  • Weakness:  People keep insisting on bringing up his past, but he totally is not for any of those things anymore!  Unless you want him to be?  Because he can be for those things if you want?  Just say the word!
  • Best Quote: “I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that’s the America millions of Americans believe in. That’s the America I love.”  Did your head just spin?  Wait until he busts out some of that same English-Fu in the debates Obama!

Champion:  Barack Obama

Barack Obama delivers a speech at the Universi...

  • Height:  6 feet 1 inch
  • Weight:  180 lbs
  • Age:  50
  • Politics:  Lefty (but as champion has shown some righty tendencies)
  • Is attempting to master the art of Jedi mind tricks (“The health care law is not the law you want to overturn”)
  • Knows the number of states in the United States within a range of error of plus/minus 10.
  • Used John McCain’s vice-presidential vetting team when scouting out good alternative energy investments.  (“Yes sir, Solyndra is going to be huge!  Guaranteed!  The biggest winner since Sarah!”)
  • Had an earlier battle against health care, a very tough opponent.  Ringside observers are split on who won.  Going to the judges score-cards.
  • Weakness: Over-promises, under-delivers.  Close Guantanamo Bay?  Ha!  Deliver immigration reform?  Immigration-what?  Changing the tone in Washington?  LMAO!
  • Best Quote:  “Those same folks who were hollering about it before we passed it, they’re still hollering about how the world will end because we passed this bill.  This is not an exaggeration.”   Maybe just a tiny-weeny little exaggeration?

So mark this date down, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER and BE THERE!!!!!!


If the broccoli industry had to pay for its product placement in the Supreme Court this week?

  • Why our government keeps subsidizing the oil industry?  Why shouldn’t they pay the same taxes as any other industry, particularly when they are making such record profits that even some oil executives themselves are admitting that they do not need the subsidies.  These subsidies were put into place nearly one-hundred years ago when the industry was struggling.  It’s not struggling anymore.  There is simply no compelling reason not to take the subsidies away.  Even if the oil companies could pass on 100% of the additional tax to consumers (and they can’t), so what?  At least then people would be paying in proportion to their usage of the actual product.
  • What is going to happen to Obamacare?  The Supreme Court heard arguments this past week primarily regarding the constitutionality of the individual mandate provision of the law.  And to hear the pundits tell it, at least that part is going to be struck down.  I am pretty sure if that part is stricken, the rest of it should be too.  It really does tie hand-in-hand with the provision that insurance companies must accept everyone regardless of pre-existing conditions.  So is the law unconstitutional?  I understand the uneasiness of being forced to buy anything from private companies (and this is why I feel that a public option needed to be included).  That said, I do not find the “broccoli” argument opponents want to use too convincing.  After all, I have never heard of anyone showing up to an emergency room in need of an urgent broccoli transfusion, nor would I anticipate there ever being a requirement that emergency rooms cannot turn away people who demand broccoli.  It’s apples and oranges…..or broccoli.
  • Who would get the political advantage if part or all of Obamacare is ruled unconstitutional?  There is some thought that this would actually be to the Democrats advantage, as Republicans could no longer run on the promise of repealing Obamacare.  But I’m not so sure.  After all, this really is President Obama’s one big accomplishment.  If it goes away, I would think the Republicans should easily be able to pivot and make Obama’s effectiveness as a leader into an issue.
  • If everyone shouldn’t just chill out in regards to the Trayvon Martin case?  This has become too sensational, and that’s not fair to anyone (not to Trayvon who doesn’t deserve to have his character dragged through the mud and yes, not even to George Zimmerman, who still deserves to have his day in court regardless of what facts are ultimately revealed).  Lynch mob justice is not justice.  Neither is trial by media.
  • If Keith Olbermann will continue to find work?  Just a couple of days ago, he got fired yet again.  Is there anything with lower prestige than Current TV for Olbermann to fall back to?  Just as well as far as I’m concern, I do not find Olbermann’s style of arrogant self-righteousness useful to public discourse.
  • Who Mitt Romney will pick as his running mate?  The good thing for Mitt is that he can’t make a worse choice than the last guy, McCain.  (I mean, he really couldn’t do worse, could he?)
  • What I would do with $650 millon?  Ah, but I did not win, so I can just keep wondering.  Sigh. 🙂