Questions I Have Regarding President Barack Obama

Posted: August 5, 2012 in Politics
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Can we still believe?

In an earlier post, I stated some of the questions I would like Mitt Romney to answer as part of his campaign.  But I also have questions for our current President.  So in the interest of fairness:

  • How does the President’s anti-terrorist/foreign policy differ from Mitt Romney’s?  Sometimes the way they both talk, you would think it was vastly different.  But when I look at it on paper, it looks largely the same.  And I’m not the only one who thinks so, so does the New York Times: “But once the incendiary flourishes are stripped away, the actual foreign policy differences between the two seem more a matter of degree and tone than the articulation of a profound debate about the course of America in the world today.
  • As one (Obama) who is considered a Constitutional scholar, I would like to ask Obama to justify his “kill list” and the assassination of American citizens for ANY reason.  Further, I wish I could ask him (or any President) about the risks they see that has led to increasingly more extreme policies supposedly in the name of protecting this nation.  Sometimes I wonder if it has so much to do with the way our society will often misplace blame (because if we get attacked, it’s would not be Obama’s fault, but I don’t think that’s how it would play out in the media) that the actions a President takes is more about CYA (or more what would play best politically as CYA) than what would actually be in everyone’s best interest.  (On the other hand, maybe this is like “Men In Black” stuff, that there are always people who want to wipe all life in this miserable nation and the only way we can get on with our happy lives is that we don’t know about it.)
  • I would also ask if he feels that he has lived up to his promise of being the most transparent administration in history.
  • I would ask him if he thought everyone’s problem with the Guantanamo prison was its physical location?  You can’t close it?  Fine.  Then make Guantanamo a place that gives it occupants their due rights.  That includes ending indefinite detentions.  There is nothing inherently wrong with having a prison in Cuba.  By the same token, just simply moving Guantanamo stateside does nothing to solve the problem.  So saying Congress prevents you from doing anything about Guantanamo is a cop-out.  Just fix it there then!  (The fact of the matter is that Obama really just wanted to get rid of the symbol of Guantanamo, not its flawed principles.  The dirty little secret is that many Democrat Congress members voted against closing Guantanamo not because they support the policies of that prison but because they didn’t want the injustice of Guantanamo moved to U.S. soil.)
  • Obama ate an ice cream cone with a spoon?  Really?  Really?  REALLY?


Oh good grief!



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