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That Mitt Romney sure has a funny strategy for trying to win the majority of the votes:

  • So if Mitt is going to totally discount 47% of the voters, that means of those who pay income taxes, he is going to have to take approximately 94.5% of the vote from those who do pay taxes by my math.  Umm, Mitt, I don’t think you are quite that popular!  Even among the non-government moochers.
  • Though frankly I think that 53% would be an exaggeration of the number of people Mitt cares about.  I would guess it would be a lot closer to just him and a small circles of his buddies.
  • I do have to wonder if there is some self-loathing here.  Has Mitt Romney ever been one of the 47% that hasn’t paid income taxes?  There has to be some reason he will only release his 2010 and now 2011 tax returns.  If it’s not that he paid no income tax (or some absurdly low percentage of his income) for a recent year, it’s hard to imagine what that reason may be.
  • But if only Mitt Romney had been born Latino, he would have it made!  Unfortunately, he was born to white millionaire parents and had all the disadvantages that goes with that.  The tale of Mitt Romney is a real inspirational ‘from riches to riches’ story. (Interesting side note: When Mitt Romney’s dad was a child, his family accepted government welfare to help move from Mexico to the United States.  That family is never going take personal responsibility for themselves!)
  • Of course, these comments were not meant for public consumption.  What this is really about is he was telling his supporters in the room what they wanted to hear.  And it’s their perception that anyone who would vote for the other side MUST be moochers.  I mean, there can’t be hard-working Americans that could possibly disagree with them, right?  That would be impossible!
  • Always interesting to hear what a politician has to say when he/she thinks he/she is out of the public eye.  You can’t help but recall Obama’s ‘cling to their guns and religion’ comment from 2008.  But while Obama was also playing to the biased perceptions of his supporters as well, when you listen to his quote in context, he was also trying to empathize with those who didn’t agree with him.  He also wanted to win those people over, instead of just writing them off.  Maybe that’s part of the reason he won.

What is believed to be a photo of Judge Hatch.

So a drunk off-duty police officer decides to  go to a bar and sexually assault a woman.  A jury found him guilty and he was appropriately fired from the police force.  However, when it came time to sentence the man, the judge did not see fit to give him jail time, instead sentencing him to probation and 100 hours of community service.  That in itself may seem bad enough.  But then the judge decided that somebody needed a lecture…..the victim.

She said such gems as “bad things happen in bars” (translation – women have no business being at bars?), “when you blame others, you give up the power to change” (translation – women need to take responsibility for their own actions, such as the act of being a victim of sexual assault?), “I hope you look at what you been through and try to take something positive out of it” (translation – you can learn a lot from being sexually assaulted?), and “if you wouldn’t have been there that night, none of this would have happened to you” (translation – women shouldn’t be out in public at all?).

Oh, by the way, did you notice I said “she”?  Yes, the judge is a woman (Judge Jacqueline Hatch) .  She appears to be an old woman to be sure, and I realize there are generational differences in attitudes toward women.  But since she is also a judge, I would assume she is educated and should know better.  Also, people with such attitudes should not be judges.  Plus it is 2012, this attitude that women are to be blamed when they are assaulted should be dead by now.

So this wouldn’t have happened she “wouldn’t have been there that night”?  (Of course, it would seem it would just have happened to someone else, though I guess this gets back to the fact that her point seems to be that woman just shouldn’t leave the home, and thus the bar should have been woman-free.)  I guess in some sense, this is completely correct.  And I have unearthed some of Judge Jacqueline Hatch other opinions*, which makes this lecture much less surprising:

  • Had you not chosen to live in this house, your house would not have been robbed.  I hope you have learned your lesson about what neighborhood you chose to live in.
  • Had you not chosen to go to this store on that day, your car would not have been jacked.  I hope you have learned your lesson about what stores you shop at on what days.
  • Had you not chosen to be a state representative in the U.S. House, you wouldn’t have been shot in the face.  I hope you have learned your lesson about being a women who chooses to hold any political office other than something that starts with “First Lady”.
  • Had you not chosen to go see the The Dark Knight Returns in the middle of the night, you wouldn’t have been killed.  I hope you have learned your lesson about being a dork who likes to watch superhero movies.
  • Had you not chosen to be black in an African nation, you wouldn’t have been a slave.  I hope you have learned your lesson about which nations you are born in with a certain amount of pigment in your skin.
  • Had you not chosen to be a Jew in Germany, you would not have been a victim of the Holocaust.  I hope you have learned your lesson about what religion you choose to practice or who you happen to be related to in a Nazi-led nation.

*Note:  I may have made all these up.  Though I don’t think they are much less dumb.

Update:  Judge Hatch has issued an apology to the victim.  I hope you have learned your lesson about holding antiquated views in a modern society.


I read about it… a book.

This will be short, but I have been wondering what makes Republican vice-president candidate Paul Ryan an intellectual leader?  I know the media has declared him as such.  But what exactly does Ryan specifically bring to the table that makes him so gosh darn smart?  Is it that he has something called the “Ryan Plan”?  Ok, here’s my plan:

  1. Eliminate the deficit.
  2. Run yearly surpluses.
  3. Pay down the debt.
  4. The country prospers.

I’m the intellectual leader of the world!  What, you want details?  Details, sheeptails.  That’s up to Congress!  See, the Ryan plan also lacks many details.  Details in the plan to cut taxes?  Yeah, that’s pretty detailed.  Details to replace Medicare with a voucher system?  Yeah, that’s there too.  Details in the plan to pay for those tax cuts? Details for other planned budget cuts? Not so much.  (I would argue that we should keep an eye on parts of the plan that are detailed out and those parts that are not.  The parts that have the detail are the parts of the plan that have priority and what Ryan wants to implement.  He doesn’t detail the rest because he’s not that interested in it.)  The latest Ryan plan is not even scored by the Congressional Budget Office because it lacks the details to do so.

Also, in his address at the Republican National Convention, Ryan relied on misleading statements, half-truths, and outright lies.  It was so bad, he was even called out by Fox  Yes, Fox News.  Anyway, I would say that a person that has to do that to make his/her point is not that intelligent.

Maybe Ryan is being judged on a Palin/Akin curve?  I wouldn’t say Ryan is as dumb as a box of rocks (then again, Ryan did introduce the idea of “forcible” rape into abortion legislation he sponsored, which does not seem that far removed from “legitimate” rape).  But I just don’t see the guy as having any special level of intelligence.