Let’s See….The Best Way To 50.1% Of The Votes….Well Let Me Throw Out 47% Of The Voters Right Off The Bat

Posted: September 23, 2012 in Uncategorized
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That Mitt Romney sure has a funny strategy for trying to win the majority of the votes:

  • So if Mitt is going to totally discount 47% of the voters, that means of those who pay income taxes, he is going to have to take approximately 94.5% of the vote from those who do pay taxes by my math.  Umm, Mitt, I don’t think you are quite that popular!  Even among the non-government moochers.
  • Though frankly I think that 53% would be an exaggeration of the number of people Mitt cares about.  I would guess it would be a lot closer to just him and a small circles of his buddies.
  • I do have to wonder if there is some self-loathing here.  Has Mitt Romney ever been one of the 47% that hasn’t paid income taxes?  There has to be some reason he will only release his 2010 and now 2011 tax returns.  If it’s not that he paid no income tax (or some absurdly low percentage of his income) for a recent year, it’s hard to imagine what that reason may be.
  • But if only Mitt Romney had been born Latino, he would have it made!  Unfortunately, he was born to white millionaire parents and had all the disadvantages that goes with that.  The tale of Mitt Romney is a real inspirational ‘from riches to riches’ story. (Interesting side note: When Mitt Romney’s dad was a child, his family accepted government welfare to help move from Mexico to the United States.  That family is never going take personal responsibility for themselves!)
  • Of course, these comments were not meant for public consumption.  What this is really about is he was telling his supporters in the room what they wanted to hear.  And it’s their perception that anyone who would vote for the other side MUST be moochers.  I mean, there can’t be hard-working Americans that could possibly disagree with them, right?  That would be impossible!
  • Always interesting to hear what a politician has to say when he/she thinks he/she is out of the public eye.  You can’t help but recall Obama’s ‘cling to their guns and religion’ comment from 2008.  But while Obama was also playing to the biased perceptions of his supporters as well, when you listen to his quote in context, he was also trying to empathize with those who didn’t agree with him.  He also wanted to win those people over, instead of just writing them off.  Maybe that’s part of the reason he won.

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