The Grinch Won’t Steal Our Christmas!

Posted: December 16, 2012 in Current Events
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whoville christmas

In our society, there are grinches (and I know I am being unbelievably kind by simply calling them grinches) like the a-hole in Oregon and the other a-hole in Connecticut.  However, these people do not define who we are.  And while politics, religion, etc. help shape who we are as individuals, I don’t believe we as people are defined by that either.  By and large, we are defined by kindness and compassion and good.  The grinches? They are the outliers.

So I ask that while we ask questions, we try not to glorify the grinches.  After all, it literally takes no skill to shoot up a mall or a class of first graders for christ sakes, just a very black heart and a broken mind.  Instead, let us mourn but also celebrate the lives that were lost, all way too early.  Let us celebrate the heroes of these tragedies, some who sacrificed everything to save others.  Let us celebrate our loves ones.  Our moms and our dads, our grandmas and our granddads, our brothers and our sisters, our aunts and our uncles, our precious sons and daughters and nieces and nephews, our friends, etc.

Goodness knows we are not perfect.  But I firmly believe that we are far better than what we might be led to believe if we don’t step back from the news every once in a while and put things into perspective.  What better time to do that than on Christmas?  Merry Christmas everyone!


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