You Need How MUCH To Renovate Your Private Office Bathroom????

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Current Events, Miscellaneous
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I only take dumps in luxury!

I only take dumps in luxury!

As it turns out if you are former Secretary of the Interior Department Dirk Kempthorne, it would be about $222,000.  Now apparently this bathroom was not made of gold.  Now what it did have:

  • A  “sub-zero refrigerator”.  Two things.  First, a “sub-zero refrigerator” is what I like to call a “freezer”.  Am I crazy?  Second, what kind of things would one keep in a bathroom refrigerator?  I generally do not find that food and bathrooms mix.
  • A “vintage tissue holder”.  So would this be a vintage holder of tissue (a tree branch?) or a holder of vintage tissue (something that holds tree leaves?)?
  •  26,000 cabinets?  Crazy, but I suppose I could see how you could price yourself up to that.  But where on earth do you find an $84 soap dispenser and what makes it $84?
  • “Internal government auditors got wind of the bathroom and investigated.” – Ha ha.

This will be presented as a blatant example of government waste, which it is.  But it is actually is an example of what too often happens when an administrator gets to spend other people’s money, which happens both in the public and private sector.  Got to have those checks and balances, else next thing you know someone will decide that diamond urinal is a necessity!

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