“Crisis” Fatigue

Posted: February 24, 2013 in Current Events, Politics
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I guess the next government manufactured crisis is coming up next week with the sequestration.  I am just worn down from all the fiscal cliffs and debt ceilings and sequestrations.  All I know is it’s no way to govern, and it will not lead to any good outcomes.  I can’t even work myself up to writing a particularly long article about it.

But I will say that while President Obama and the Democrats are out casting blame in regards to the sequestration, a Republican representative (Justin Amash) had a “tweet” that rings with truth to me.  He said…er, rather “tweeted”, “You don’t sign a bill unless you’re OKAY w/the consequences.  It’s Being President 101.”  It’s hard to argue with that, and something President Obama needs to take to heart.  95 Democrats in the House voted for it, and 45 Democrats in the Senate voted for it.  A Democrat President signed it.  Without Democratic support, this fails.

It’s a stupid gimmick and it shouldn’t have been done.  But President Obama and the Democrats can’t pretend to have had nothing to do with it.

  1. List of X says:

    You know, most of Republicans voted for it too. (174 to 66 in the House, 28 to 19 in the Senate), and was passed only to avoid a disaster that would follow the default on the federal debt. So yes, it’s a stupid gimmick solution to and even stupider and more gimmicky self-inflicted debt ceiling crisis.

    • gesvol says:

      Yes, no doubt Republicans voted for it and many are being disingenuous by trying to call it the “Obamaquester” or whatever they are trying to tag it. In the past when people have proclaimed “everyone is to blame” for one thing or another, I have often thought that it wasn’t really a fair point and often the Democrats were getting the raw end of that argument. I guess my point was this time it is really truly bipartisan stupidity at work.

      • List of X says:

        There’s some measure of Democrat fault in this, but I’m still going to blame Republicans for it: had they voted to raise the debt ceiling as they done many times before, there would be no need for the sequester in the first place.

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