Michelle Bachmann Is Literally An Actual Congresswoman?

Posted: March 24, 2013 in Current Events, Politics
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English: Official photo of Congresswoman (R-MN)

English: Official photo of Congresswoman (R-MN) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Minnesota representative and former GOP presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann made waves this past week on the House floor when she asked for the repeal of “Obamacare” before it “literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens.”  Wow, how did everyone missed the killing provision in that bill?  (They missed it because it’s not there.)  Oh yeah.  I have entertained the possibility that Bachmann doesn’t know what the word “literally” means and was making what is becoming a common error of using that word when what is really meant is “figuratively”.  But upon further reflection, to say that the bill figuratively kills people makes even less sense.  So I think she really did mean to say that Obamacare is literally going to strike people down dead.

Pretty absurd.  But Bachmann does have a track record of saying absurd things:

  • During the Presidential campaign, she decided to get on the ‘vaccines causes retardation’ bandwagon.  She based that on what some woman told her after a debate.  In other words, science. (That’s not science.)  Oh yeah.
  • She said that she wanted the media to investigate who in Congress were pro-American and who in Congress were anti-American.
  • Once said that there wasn’t one study that showed that carbon dioxide was a harmful gas.  Science.  (Actually, carbon dioxide at elevated levels can cause sickness and even death.  Literally.)  Oh yeah.
  • She claimed that “hundreds and hundreds of scientists, many of them holding Nobel prizes, who believe in intelligent design”.  Science.  (Well, hundreds and hundreds of people believe in intelligent design.  I suppose even a few might be scientists, though I would point out believing in intelligent design and believing intelligent design is science is two different things.  But hundreds and hundreds of scientists don’t believe intelligent design as a valid scientific theory.)  Oh yeah.

You know, I once thought that Michelle Bachmann was a smarter (albeit only marginally) version of that one-time governor of Alaska.  Now I realize that’s not true at all.  The only difference between the two is Bachmann has thicker skin, willing to go to places like MSNBC to spread her lunacy (though I think she would go on Animal Planet if they would give her a forum).  At any rate, Bachmann is an idiot.  Literally.

  1. I will spare you some trouble when it comes to republicans, particularly those in the Tea Party. They don’t know how to spell science, let alone what it is.

    I have grave concerns that this woman got reelected and is sitting on an intelligence committee. Redistricting and poor education work well to the advantage of the GOP.

    Here is one of my favourite Michele Bachmann sites:

    I have, on occasion, become very unnerved reading about her. I can only handle about five minutes before I grow irritable. She is rather hateful and very unbecoming of what a political leader should be. She and her husband have blood on their hands, as far as I am concerned, with their conversion therapy centers.

    Maybe Minnesota will get it right next election. The stupidity of her voter base is slowing down all progress for our country.

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