Party Before Country

Posted: October 5, 2013 in Current Events, Politics
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Well, our government is failing us again.  At this point, it’s not even a surprise anymore.  Heck, really if government ever shows signs again of working properly, that’s when the news networks should go all “breaking news” on us.  While some want to blame both parties (and I can kind of see that from a ‘we sent these guys to Washington to figure this kind of crap out so we can get on with our own lives’ perspective), I find it hard not to pin this one squarely on the GOP.  After all, they are the ones who somehow decided that doing their jobs or not is subject to negotiation.  They are also the ones who somehow think it is plausible that a President that has become so synonymous with a law/policy that most people call it by a nickname that has HIS NAME IN IT will just sign off on getting rid of said law/policy.  It’s a ridiculous notion.

To go further, many say this is the fault of 80 or so  “tea party” representatives who signed off on a letter urging this ridiculous fight to take place.  However, by my count, there are 435 total representatives in the House of which 233 are Republicans.  If my math is right then, 80 ain’t the majority of nuthing and should have the power to do nuthing…..unless you let them.  So I think House leader John Boehner, and to the lesser extent the other Republicans, deserve more of the blame.  Conventional wisdom says that if a clean continuing resolution to fund the government was brought to the House floor today, it would pass.  BUT it would pass because of Democrats joined by enough Republicans to give the bill the votes it needs.

My thought is John Boehner decided it doesn’t look good for him as a leader or his party of a whole if he needs Democrats to pass a bill he brings up to a vote.  He can’t get the 80 or so “tea party” to vote in unison for a clean continuing budget resolution, but he can get the other GOP folks to go along with the 80 or so “tea party” folks to vote for their silliness.  And he has decided that he would rather have 100% of the Republicans vote together, no matter how silly and no matter what impact it has on the country, then to have a split GOP vote that keeps government doors open.  I guess he thinks it creates the illusion of leadership over the party even though this is far from it.

Now I think Boehner has decided that he just has to get something out of this.  Otherwise we went through all of this just to pass a bill that would have passed months ago without shutting down the government.  We even have this quote from GOP representative Marlin Stutzman, “We have to get something out of this.  And I don’t even know what that is.”  He also mentioned that the party couldn’t be “disrespected”.

But having a unified party or not being disrespected and/or looking bad, none of this has a darn thing to do with the good of the country.  Neither is the idea of “winning” the shutdown (Obama is right to say that there is no “winning” here, this is not a game and it affects real people and has real consequences).  If he ever decides to put country first, John Boeher could end this by simply bringing the Senate continuing budget resolution bill up for a vote.  I also think the other GOP members could help put an end to this by simply refusing to go along with the tea party games.   Until then, I guess our only hope for stopping this is a procedural maneuver Democrats have started to try to bring the bill up for without the need of Boehner to bring it up, though that will take at least a couple of weeks to work its way through.


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