Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Know Nothing President

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Current Events
2016 Presidential candidate

2016 Presidential candidate

One thing that annoys me is that the “go-to” defense of members and defenders of the Obama administration (including Obama himself) when something bad happens is that he was simply unaware of it (but now that he knows, he’s as mad as anyone about it, blah, blah, blah).  Examples include:

  • He was supposedly unaware of the Affordable Care Act website issues until AFTER the website went live.  For this to be true, either the people running this thing outright lied to him about the progress of the website or they were too incompetent to know whether the website would work or not.  In either scenario, heads should roll.  The only other option is that President Obama didn’t even take enough of a passing interest in the project to get updates.   For something that has become known as Obamacare.  As in President Obama Care.  But probably not important to….Obama?
  • He was supposedly unaware that the NSA spying on world leaders.  Now I understand he is not going to know every action the NSA takes.  But in his meetings with the NSA, I would expect them to hit the high points.  Spying on world leaders would seem to qualify.  (Though with as much as has come out recently, I think the safest assumption is the NSA has decided it needs to know EVERYTHING about EVERYONE, and is acting accordingly without limits.)
  • He was supposedly unaware of the IRS scandal regarding conservative groups until he saw it on TV just like the rest of us.  Once again, you would think the President might get a heads-up regarding such things before it hits the news.
  • Other examples include:  The failed Fast and Furious ATF sting operation and the Justice Department obtaining Associated Press phone records.

I am not sure if the people defending him thinks this places the President in a good light (or at least a more innocent light) but it does not.  It makes him look incompetent.  It’s his job to stay on top of things.  It’s also his job to hire people who will help him stay on top of things, not keep him out of the loop.  You can’t effectively lead if you never know what is going on.  So if it’s a lie that he doesn’t know, it’s not an effective lie for absolving the President of responsibility.  And if it’s the truth (the scene from Independence Day where the President is informed that he didn’t know about aliens at Area 51 for “plausible deniability” reasons comes to mind), that’s even worse.  Because if you aren’t in the loop, you ain’t in charge!


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