Hidden “Gems” In Recently Passed Budget Bill

Posted: January 19, 2014 in Current Events, Politics
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Umm...those aren't gems.

Umm…those aren’t gems.

The big advantage of passing a big omnibus budget appropriations bill is you can get the funding set without long drawn out debates about each particular line item.  And with Congress having trouble passing ANYTHING these days, it may be best to get as much in something that will pass as you can.  However, a big disadvantage when you have a bill that’s over 2,500 pages is that it is pretty easy to put things in that would never, ever pass Congress if they were voting on it as a stand-alone item (in fact, I wonder if some of these things would have any more support than the whomever decided to throw these things into the bill?).

Now that the bill is passed and media types have had a chance to read through the bill, these hidden “gem” items are beginning to leak out.  Among those are:

  • Prohibits the movement of the Embassy to the Vatican
  • Rationale?   The Bush Administration actually started to wheels in motion on this.  The plan was to move the embassy to the Vatican to the same building that houses the U.S. Embassy to Italy in Rome.  The supposed reason was that having the embassies in the same building would make security for both easier, plus there would be cost savings by not having to administer embassies in two different buildings.  But alas, that was not the real reason.  It’s clear now that President Bush KNEW that the next President would be Barack Obama and he would claim to be all christian and stuff when in fact he is nothing but a no good mooslim!!!  When President Obama failed to stop this plan, conservative websites would be there to expose him as the anti-religion mooslim that he is!!!!  Well played, W.  Well played.
  • Blocks funding for the enforcement of light bulb efficiency standards
  • Rationale?  Because gosh darn it, we Americans loves us some incandescent bulbs!  Efficient energy-saving bulbs are for communists!  Maybe even the devil!  High energy costs are as American as apple pie!
  • Reduces funding for embassy security
  • Rationale?  It’s so terrible what happened in Benghazi.  Those poor souls.  Why didn’t President Obama and Hilary Clinton do more?  Wait, you want more money for embassy  security?  Oh goodness no, let’s not get carried away, we don’t have the money for that.  It’s not like the people who died were rich or something.  But still, terrible what happened.
  • Bans the IRS from making those cheesy videos
  • Rationale?  I mean, what’s the harm in the IRS having a little fun?

No, no.  That’s actually pretty terrible.

  • Requires the DHS to provide detailed reports regarding ammunition purchases and useage
  • Rationale?  The DHS is stockpiling ammunition don’t you know.  Yes, the DHS is preparing for WAR!  WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!  Why not just use the military?  Because they have morals, unlike those thugs of the TSA who will do anything for money!  How do I know all this?  Why the fine folks at Alex JonesInfo Wars told me!  Reading this site has taught me so much!  The Aurora, Colorado theater shooting?  Government did it.  Oklahoma City bombing?  Government so blew up that building!  Also, Obama is so planning a large scale attack on Americans killing thousands to help ensure he wins reelection because……hmm, wait, doesn’t seem like that actually happened.  But I am sure that was all part of some larger plot!   More Alex Jones wisdom:

Alex Jones, a must read for what the real scoop is in this world!  And now to know what potential legislation might be heading up the pike!  Comforting I know.


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