What’s Next For “Meet The Press”?

Posted: February 16, 2014 in Current Events
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Today the television program Meet The Press had a debate regarding climate change.  The people brought onto the show to discuss this important topic was a children’s program television host (Bill “The Science Guy” Nye) and renown climate expert Congressperson Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee (she also has expertise regarding gender issues – women do not want equal pay laws – very multi-talented).  I am sure it was a very rich deep discussion.

Man, how can they top that?  Well just check out this future schedule:

jon stewart 2stephen colbert 2

What is the state of today’s media?  Two award-winning journalists discuss this Sunday on Meet The Press – February 23 on NBC.

ponchdonald trump

Is the time for immigration reform now?  A Hispanic California police officer and arrogant smug rich New York white guy will debate this Sunday on Meet The Press – March 2 on NBC.

vitamin cpink floyd

This Sunday we will take on education reform.  Some say graduation is a sad but important rite of passage toward flight.  Others say we don’t need no education.  Watch Meet The Press for this most important discussion – March 9 on NBC.

doc mcstuffinscare bears

Obamacare.  Is the most important aspect the medicine?  Or is it “care”?  Watch an improbably young doctor debates this issue with cuddly teddy bears this Sunday on Meet The Press – March 16 on NBC.

Hmm.  Is it me or have things changed a bit since Tim Russert’s passing?


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