Posted: March 27, 2016 in Miscellaneous
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"Hey, we chocolate bunnies have also made sacrifices on Easter...deep, deep sacrifice!

“Hey, we chocolate bunnies have also made sacrifices on Easter…deep, deep sacrifice!

So it’s Easter today.  But so what?  What’s it about?  I mean, yes, for Christians, it’s the celebration of the day Jesus is said to have arisen from the dead after his crucifixion.  That’s cool and all, but what does that mean for us in the here and now, in 2016?

Bear with me, as I make no claims to be any sort of theologian.  I guess one takeaway is that if you believe this, you believe there is a path for us all to heaven.  And while there are different conceptions of what heaven exactly is, the general agreement is that heaven is pretty great and, better yet, forever.  So yay us!

But another takeaway, at least for me, is that as the story goes, the reason Jesus was in the position to arise from the dead in the first place was that he had died for all of our sins and so the rest of us may be forgiven.  In other words, he made a sacrifice for the greater good of society.  That’s a lesson that’s appealing to me, because that’s something we can apply to the here and now.  I think that’s a lesson we can take and apply, whether it’s toward public policy or toward our own actions just in daily life.  Doing good, doing the right thing, often does not benefit us directly and sometimes isn’t even free. (By not being “free”, I don’t even necessarily mean it costs money.  It can be things like time.  Or convenience.  Or security.  Or even just comfort.)  Some sacrifice for the greater good can be worth it.

I’m not here to suggest we can all be Jesus.  We aren’t perfect and never will be.  However I don’t see the harm of striving to be more like him (or the stories of him if you choose not to believe) though, even if the sacrifices and good are just small.  No reason why we can’t make the world we live on now the best world we can make it, even if our time here is temporary.

You know what else Easter is about?  Cadbury Eggs.  Lots and lots of Cadbury Eggs.  Mmmmm…..Cadbury Eggs……*droooooool*……….um, what was I writing about?  Oh….yeah…..Happy Easter everyone!


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