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Why Trump Is Terrible

Posted: October 23, 2016 in Current Events, Politics


So I started to write this article a long while back, but I realized that there was just SO much out there, so many reasons that I think Trump is…well frankly a terrible person…much less a terrible candidate for President, that I just couldn’t do it all at once. Plus, more and more comes out every day. Even now, there are women coming out who are accusing Trump of sexual assault and misconduct after audio of Trump seemingly bragging about such activities was released.

But even before all that, there are just so many reasons I think Trump is such a poor choice, historically so, that despite my misgivings about Hillary, I feel that she must be our next President. Below is just some of the many reasons (because it’s impossible to compile a fully comprehensive list) why Trump is terrible:

Trump “University”:

Ok, we’re all adults here, right? We all know this wasn’t a real university. Let’s not sugarcoat it, this was a scam pure and simple. Trump gets paid to put his name on it and make a promotional video that lends this stupid thing credibility (because of his supposed success in business). Then comes promises of access to high rollers and “apprenticeship” support. But instead you just get a way overpriced half-assed business 101 seminar. Another thing of note, they expected to receive payment in full before providing services, which is actually not the Trump way (see below).

Trump “Deals”:

When Trump talks about the “Art of the Deal”, he’s really just talking about ways to scam his way into money at the expense of others. One of his favorite techniques is to agree to pay an amount for a job and then not pay it after the job is done (usually with some excuse that the job was sub-par or otherwise not performed properly). He has the money to take it to court for a prolonged case, and he’s betting that whomever he is scamming doesn’t. Then he can settle it for pennies on the dollar and thus save. He would consider his actions smart and savvy. A lot of the rest of us would consider it sleazy. Other times, he just doesn’t bother to pay up at all.

  • Trump and his organization has been involved in over 3,500 lawsuits involving non-payment. And these are just disputes among the 1%. This deals with waiters and dishwashers and plumbers and painters…..the working class.
  • Remember those kids that performed at his rally and went viral, the USA Freedom Kids? Trump is accused of stiffing them too.
  • He is not paying his campaign staff. Some are no doubt just being very generous with their time. But certainly some expected to be paid. (At this point, here’s a “pro-tip”, if you are going to work with Trump, and I wouldn’t, get your agreements in writing! Better yet, get paid in advance.)

Trump “Real Estate”:

Trump represents himself as a very successful real estate mogul. But what Trump has done most successfully, especially in more recent years, is simply license his name to other real estate projects that he otherwise has nothing to do with. Investors then unwittingly go in, thinking if the real estate deal has the backing of successful real estate mogul Donald Trump, it must be a smart investment. They only discover later, usually after the project has gone belly up, that Donald Trump actually hadn’t invested a dime. Of course, you could say there’s a sucker born every second. But you see how one may be fooled, when the brochures literally say Trump is the developer even though he’s not.

Trump Lies:

Trump lies. Not in a politician spin that has a some truth but is misleading kind of way. Just outright lies, without a shred of truth.

Trump Either Doesn’t Understand Nuance Or Doesn’t Care/Communication Matters:

  • Trump just says directly that Obama and Hillary are the “founders of ISIS”. Not that certain policies may have enhanced ISIS’s ability or that they haven’t done enough to eliminate the threat. No, they founded ISIS. Even when one of his sympathizers tries to give him a chance to clarify, he doesn’t.
  • Trump was lamenting that if Hillary gets elected, she would appoint Supreme Court justices with liberal leanings and there would be nothing anyone could do about it.  Then he says “Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is. I don’t know.” What the hell is THAT supposed to mean? Well, a lot of people inferred that he meant that somebody might just take her out….permanently. Now I want to think the best of people, even slime balls like Trump. So I want to believe that’s not what he really meant. But let me say that a huge part of being President is being able to effectively communicate. That usually requires speaking in clear complete sentences, instead of the sentence segment fragment mumbo jumbo Trump seems to prefers. Otherwise you leave to everyone else to make inferences to try to figure out what you are trying to say. Words matter. It’s part of the job. If you can’t effectively communicate, you can’t effectively be President.
  • As if to make sure everyone knows that those what was mentioned above was no accident, Trump suggested that the Secret Service should disarm and see what happens to Hillary Clinton. Seriously.
  • Trump’s latest theme is that the election is rigged. You know, the one that hasn’t even happened yet. Now this is obviously not a ‘get out the vote’ strategy (why vote in an election if it’s rigged?). He has already decided he’s going to lose, so this is so he can say he didn’t lose, the election was stolen (you know, the one that hasn’t even happened yet). His brand is largely built on the idea that he is a winner…one that never loses. The thing is though one of the cool things about our democracy and why it works is we do our battles at the ballot box instead of with guns. The key to that is losers accept that the results are legitimate. Going around claiming that the election results are illegitimate (you know, the results from the election that hasn’t even happened yet) undermines that. Now certainly if there was evidence (which would be hard to have right now, you know, because the election hasn’t even happened yet) that something is amiss, he could and should bring that to light. Trump losing (and so far, he’s just losing in the polls, since the election hasn’t even happened yet) is not evidence of election fraud (shocking I know, but Hillary might, just might, legitimately get more votes than Trump).

Trump Foundation:

That’s enough. Full disclosure, I thought Trump was a terrible person WAY before he ever announced his Presidential run, I haven’t newly arrived at this conclusion. When suggested that he could win the nomination, I even laughed. That’s how ridiculous I found the notion of Trump being considered for President. The lesson here I guess is to never just assume that 150 million potential voters are necessarily all on the same page as you are. So right now polling seems to indicate that things are looking good for Hillary. But until the votes are in, nothing is set in stone. Finally, after decades of campaigning (it’s only been a couple of years…really?), it’s just about time to vote.