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This blog is pretty much just about anything and everything that I just happen to want to write about.  So what do I want to write about?  I write a good bit about current events and politics.  Sometimes I write about national politics, but I do write about local politics as well (local being Birmingham, Alabama).  Additionally, I enjoy writing about the running and the races that I have done.  Then sprinkle in a little about Tennessee Volunteer football and add just a dash of just general things that are happening in my life.  Finish off with just a touch of humor and you get the stew that is this blog.  Hopefully the final product is at least edible!

Onlineschools.org says that this blog is “political commentary, but mostly just making fun of current events.”  I guess that’s a decent general description, though it doesn’t cover everything.  But it beats the heck out of what I came up with.

This blog has been named one of the 100 Best Blogs for Real World Advice and Education by Onlineschools.org.

Just what the world needed, another blog!

  1. robert porter says:

    congress is completely disfunctional, they act like ten year olds. they only represent special interest groups. the taxes need to be raised on the rich loopholes closed and taxes should be collected on everyone working, were all in this mess together. taxes should be lowerered on all manufactures in u.s. loopholes closed. the federal goverment along with state goverments if they receive federal aid they should only be allowed to purchase american made goods with taxpayer dollars. their should be a draft with only medical deferrements. as the repubicans say everyone should have skin in the game. let the rich send some of there children to war, maybe there won”t be anymore wars. nation building should stop. if national healthcare works in every other industrial country then we should have it also let everyone working pay into a national plan or nonprofit insurance companies so are employers gain footing to compete against countrys who do have national plans. on are education system pick the countrys with the best educational systems and then copy theirs. the better educated the general population the better the country. get rid of lobbyist this is just legal bribes. only individual americans not corporations should be allowed to make campaign contributions. fair trade policies adopted not free trade we should trade more with countrys who believe in a fair days wage. germany and other countrys who have strong middle class. i am 62 years old and all i remember is how every president wanted to get rid of communism vietnam cold war russia, all the money spent getting rid of communism then when you supposedly accomplish this. the goverment and greedy bussismen give china free trade and work to build up their country while letting the u.s. crumble all for cheap labor. make the rich richer. 14million illegal immigrants brought to this country to lower cost of labor the rich and powerful have no country only greed. by the way the rich create no jobs consumers create jobs, the rich profit from them. i have heard republican congressmen say we shouldnt have unions all people should be paid on there merit. congress would be fired and have to pay back all there wages for the piss poor job they’ve done.these our some of my rants 42yrs working in heavy industry. i only have a high school education. so forgive me for lack of punctuation bad spelling bob the weldor

  2. gesvol says:

    Don’t worry about it. I don’t always have the best punctuation or spelling myself. But languages exist as a means to communicate, not to please the grammar police, and you have communicated your viewpoint well.

    I agree with a lot of what you are saying. Good post!

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